Assignment #7- Name for the Domain

As a person who already has/had a website with a given theme to it, coming up with a new name for it wasn’t relatively challenging.

  2. TheWanderer’
  3. TheWanderer’
  4. TheWanderer’
  10. The

One and Two were previous names for the website in the exact order they’re placed in. I want my website to be a mix of my portfolio and my blog. As a future author, I don’t wish for people to view me as being  “greater” than “the everyday person.” I’m just a dude who chose to walk the path of writing because I like myths, cultures, and humanity. Anyone else could have done the same if they wanted to. Regardless, I feel that portfolios and the like give off this feeling of prestige that robs people of viewing me as a person.  I want to discuss my thoughts with people. I want people to know that I’m a person with opinions and beliefs, not just a guy who writes for a living. That may sound contradictory at first, but it makes sense. Trust me. We’re going on a tangent so let’s move on.

“” was meant to represent a place where a lot was held, like how a tree holds a lot (animals, branches, nuts, fruits, flowers, water, etc.). At first, I just wanted a place to discuss ideas for games I liked. But then, I realized I had more I wanted to talk about than just video games. So then “TheWanderer’” was born. The wanderer aspect of the name came from what I had described before. It gives off this sympathetic atmosphere, no? A person who wanders about the world searching for purpose, resources, and people. The keep aspect came from the idea of this Wanderer bringing a guest into their home and showing the guest the relics they’ve acquired from their travels. A man sitting in his robe on a comfy chair with a warm fire burning beside him was what I was trying to go for when thinking of a name. And I think I’ve done a good job portraying that in all of the names listed above.

 It’s a classic introduction in cartoons, especially Christmas specials.

I’m proud to have taken this class to better my skills as a website maker and owner. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make good use of them. I can’t say if I have a favorite website. I only web surf when I have a question, but if it’s for entertainment, Youtube.

Hours pass by whenever I’m on this app. The myriad of things I’ve learned are thanks to this site. Well, outside of school, obviously.

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  1. Great selections!
    I like all of the descriptions that coincide with the potential domains, things are getting more exciting here at ct101!
    PS-it look like the video link in your post broke, you may have to re-embed the video when you get a chance, thank you!

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