Assignment #5- Creative Challenge

A challenge that I’ve seen everywhere (Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) is “Drawtober.” I don’t know why, but October seems to be the month for visual artists to thrive. “Drawtober”, is where you draw for the month of October, as the name would suggest. However, usually, they draw with a certain theme in mind, commonly something horror related. You are allowed to make your own challenge with your own theme.

I’ve held an interest in this challenge for a while now yet, one thing always holds me back: I can’t draw. Not to say that I haven’t tried to draw but I wouldn’t say I’m skilled at it. Yes Drawtober would be great practice but, I feel the most important aspect of the challenge is how the work conveys the concept of the day. So the first thing  that I could do for me to partake in this challenge would be to change it from “Drawtober” to something relating to writing. “Scribetober”, or something.

Other than that, I would make the theme of the month based off of RPGs (Role-Playing Games). I simply adore RPGs. Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Pesrona, Deltarune, all of them.  It would only be fitting to challenge myself with games that challenge every aspect of the player. I would have the daily themes refrence common traditions within the genre. The Hero/Heroine, the first dungeon, all of the classes commonly associated with genre, the possibilities are endless!

This challenge in particular builds the good skill of a working spirit. By that I mean that this challenge helps build a groove for working. A rhythm. No, what I’m describing is not time management. You could plan your day out to be the most productive it could possibly ever be but, that doesn’t you can keep it up throughout the week. This challenge helps with that. Something that I could definitley practice more.

After the week I’ve had, this is necesary. It wouldn’t be that hard either. Just a my computer and time. That’s it. I need to work on feeling comfortable with other people. But, I’ve realized that I’m not really comfortable with myself. Hopefully this fixes that.

Assignment #4- Memes and the Art Scene

Impeached Donald Trump meme

Never before have I ever asked myself the question, “Are memes art?” If you had asked me around 2013-2016, I would’ve said no. But now? Absolutely.

If you’re like me and like to go by definitions, the Apple definition of art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” Beyond the creativity aspect of this definition, I want to tackle the emotional aspect of it. In the video above, the speaker discusses how memes are more seen as inside jokes. Inside jokes and memes both share one trait as the driving force of their appeal: reliability (or pathos if you want to be fancy).

However, if we go by this definition method of defining topics, a meme is defined as “an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.” I’m not a fan of this definition. Cause if we go by that definition of a meme, then slogans are memes. By Apple’s definition, Porky Pig’s “That’s all folks!” is a meme. Dunking your oreo’s, or cookies in general, is a meme. Me saying “bless me” to myself because my grandfather taught me to is a meme. To differentiate these definitions, I’ve decided to make a new word to keep the psychological aspect of the meaning and the modern description of a meme alive while being incapable of confusing future scholars. The first word I made was diagmeme, a combination of diagogí (the Greek word for conduct and behavior) and meme—pronounced dee-ahg-meem. The second word is pretty simple, behavimeme—pronounced bee-hayve-uh-meem.

FCAC Writes: Cursed Images by Cher Tan – Footscray Community Arts Centre

A more interesting question is, what type of art are memes. I believe that memes should have their own category. When most people describe art, they usually have sub-types of art. Abstract art, Horror art, Pop art, Modern art, etc. However, memes also follow this guideline. Above, we have a subset of horror memes deemed cursed images. In addition, there are dank memes, offensive memes, political memes, etc.

Yet, from there, we dive deeper into another web of complicated questions. What makes the image above different from photography? What makes it different from horror art in general? What separates a meme from a comic. So many gray areas.

If you know, you know.
 If You Know, You Know.
 IF YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW! (I don’t know why I decided to progressively louder)

I typically tend to like memes that poke fun or comment on subjects that I like—specifically, media.

Assignment #2- GIF Tales

 My first GIF made on Imgur.

For this semester, I wanted to have a majority of my classes to be beneficial to my career. Even after discussing my courses with my advisor, I still put great thought into these courses. This course will help me with the UI design for my blog. Currently, my blog is incredibly bland. It’s functional, but all in all, it won’t attract people to read my work. Perhaps I’m a tad bit hard on myself.


 The first GIF I’ve ever made 🙂 Made on GIPHY

Part of me had thought that I grew out of being nervous on the first days, but yeah, like most of you, I was also reasonably nervous. Luckily I quickly shook it off. Primarily due to the fact of me learning that my professor was deaf. It made me think, “This man has to teach an online class while being deaf?! The heck do I have to be nervous for?” I truly respect his bravery and dedication to his interests. However, I wonder if he was born deaf or if it had happened later in his life. Hopefully, it’s not too personal of a question to ask.

 Me sharing my class experience with you all

Being a creative, this course’s very hands-on creative teaching style is right up my alley. Truly a much-needed counterbalance to my schedule for this semester. My collection of classes for this semester are a gradual scale of academic flexibility now that I think about it. This course being the most flexible. In addition to that, this course has a great sense of community. While I’m not exactly friends with anybody in this course, I feel camaraderie with my classmates. Mind you, my definition of “friend” is more nuanced than most people. For me, a comrade is an upgraded version of an acquaintance. The difference being, a comrade is someone I see/interact with frequently due to being in a team setting (school, work, sport, etc.). While an acquaintance is someone who I barely see, barely know, but I do know of them. Hopefully, this makes sense. If you’d like to, we could discuss friendship.


Potentially, this course has great potential to be fundamental to our mental. Jokes aside, this course definitely has the potential to form new friendships amongst us classmates. Typically, most students tend to ignore the others if we were on campus, which I understand. Still, it does make the overall class experience rather dull. Covid did somewhat fix this issue. It caused everyone to make a group chat for their classes, which brings in some sort of community but not as potent as this. This feels like we built it, y’know? Even if we don’t end up this way, we could gain the potential of being more efficient when speaking with deaf people.


I hold this class in high regard. This course, class, whatever is the next step forward towards telling my story. Oddly, part of me feels like I’m genuinely progressing as a person because of this class. Maybe not cause of this class but, this class certainly makes me feel that way.

Assignment #1- What is making me happy on the internet?

As of late, I have become exceedingly engrossed with the Persona video game series. Specifically, Persona 4. Because of this, I have been using the internet to learn as much about it as possible. And to speak openly, it brings me nothing but joy. It is mind-boggling how much I’ve learned from this game.

Talking Persona 4 GIF

You see, the Persona series has a lot of mythological influence in its design. The characters use personas, hence the name, which are based on Gods, demons, and monsters. There are a lot of videos that discuss the correlation between the persona users and personas themselves. Here I’ll share one for you guys.

My personal favorite character, Yosuke Hanamura, has a Persona named Jiraiya. Since I’m a bit of a pragmatist, I like to look at the characters’ stats to see how to utilize them in the game best.


I hope this post makes you interested in the series so we can talk about it together!