Assignment #7 – The Mid-Semester Reflection Post / Domain Name Time

This is fine' creator reflects on 10 years of the comic meme : NPR

Honestly, I’m uncertain about how to assess my performance in CT101. While I’m a full-stack developer, I didn’t gain any new technical insights from the course. However, as someone who isn’t particularly fond of blogging and doesn’t often use memes in my daily life, I did find a bit of enjoyment in the experience. I believe I deserve an A because, even though I didn’t acquire new knowledge, I genuinely appreciated the classroom environment. I’m not inclined to write blogs or engage in comment replies; I mainly approached them as tasks to complete.

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I’m not sure what I could improve upon, but if there were a “like” feature for blogs, I’d be more than happy to give others a thumbs up.

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  1. Thank you,
    but “even though I didn’t acquire new knowledge” – hmmm? Are you sure that you haven’t been acquired some new inspiration by our class discussions, or how people share their insights or sentiments? 🙂

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