Assignment #10

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When building a WordPress website, I would start by installing WordPress and setting up the basic configuration. Then, I’d remove any default content provided by the theme to have a clean slate for customization. After that, I’d focus on customizing the homepage, selecting an appropriate layout, adding a custom header and logo to establish the site’s identity.

Next, I would create essential pages like ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us,’ ensuring they are in line with the site’s purpose. If the website includes a blog section, I’d start publishing blog posts to provide valuable content to visitors. Organizing these posts into categories would help improve navigation.

Lastly, I would customize the site’s appearance to match the brand and design preferences. This would involve changing colors, fonts, backgrounds, and other style elements to create a visually appealing and cohesive user experience.



CT101 Final Blog Post – Yi Lin






This class is quite challenging,at least for me,
particularly when I have assignments without deadlines.


I often find myself postponing these tasks because they don’t seem as urgent or important as others with clear due dates. Additionally, without a deadline, it’s difficult for me to prioritize this task over others. I typically organize my time around deadlines, so lacking one complicates effective time management.

Another significant issue is maintaining motivation. Deadlines usually propel me to complete tasks, but in their absence, especially if the assignment is tough or uninteresting, sustaining momentum can be a struggle.

A lack of deadline also leads me to strive for perfection in my work, to the point where I never consider it finished. I risk spending too much time pondering or planning, and not enough on the actual work.

Moreover, uncertainty about when to ideally complete the task can induce worry or stress, particularly since I function better with clear guidelines and deadlines.




When it comes to mid-semester and final reviews, grading myself is an immensely stressful experience. Being responsible for assigning my own grade and justifying it is daunting. I choose classes based on my major requirements or because they seem enjoyable, but self-grading heightens my anxiety as I feel compelled to demonstrate learning.

Although I don’t believe I learned nothing this semester, reflecting on what I’ve truly gained from it is quite stressful.


I think I deserve an ‘A’ because I never gave up on myself or on blogging, even though it was incredibly challenging (torture) for me.

About the website thanks for the coupon 

funny-aww-dogs-are-the-best-people-will-come-if-you-boop-just-kidding-there-is-no-santaJust kidding

I am fully committed to maintaining and improving my new website.
I plan to repurpose it as a portfolio. However, I’m likely to move away from using WordPress. Instead, I’m considering options like Svelte or React, which are technologies I genuinely enjoy working with.

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Bell L Quintin
Bell L Quintin is a brand I created for MMA235 at BMCC.

The About page is my home page.

Blog page

Contact page


Although I’m not particularly enthusiastic about WordPress,
I must acknowledge its user-friendliness and accessibility for beginners. It’s an excellent choice for those who aren’t familiar with coding, offering an easy entry point into website creation. However, my preference leans towards coding from scratch because it grants me full control over the development process.

Assignment #7 – The Mid-Semester Reflection Post / Domain Name Time

This is fine' creator reflects on 10 years of the comic meme : NPR

Honestly, I’m uncertain about how to assess my performance in CT101. While I’m a full-stack developer, I didn’t gain any new technical insights from the course. However, as someone who isn’t particularly fond of blogging and doesn’t often use memes in my daily life, I did find a bit of enjoyment in the experience. I believe I deserve an A because, even though I didn’t acquire new knowledge, I genuinely appreciated the classroom environment. I’m not inclined to write blogs or engage in comment replies; I mainly approached them as tasks to complete.

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I’m not sure what I could improve upon, but if there were a “like” feature for blogs, I’d be more than happy to give others a thumbs up.

Assignment #4 – Blogging about Your Passions!

I have many hobbies and have worked in various professions, but I don’t have a so-called passion.

Kermit The Frog Smile GIF by Muppet Wiki

I used to have a great passion for photography, and I even became a photographer. I traveled to countless places, took numerous photos, and met many people. However, I realized that this was not the life I wanted, so I sold all my equipment and kept just one point-and-shoot camera as a memento.

Photo gif. An empty train stop suddenly has three pieces of sushi approach the terminal. A shrimp jumps on top of an empty rice bed and the sushi train takes off again.

I also had a deep love for Japanese cuisine, so I gave up my studies and became an apprentice at a Japanese restaurant. When I was about to complete my apprenticeship, I realized that this might not be the life I truly wanted, so I resigned and returned to New York.


So now, if you ask me what my passion is, I truly don’t know.

Video gif. A man leaps into bed facedown. At the instant of impact, the scene changes: the lights are now off, and the man is now under the covers and wearing a sleep mask.

If I had to choose one, I think I enjoy sleeping.

Assignment #3 – Are Internet Memes ART?

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Memes can definitely be considered a form of art, as they often reflect and comment on contemporary culture, politics, and society in a creative and visually engaging manner. Just like traditional art forms, memes convey complex ideas and emotions through imagery and text. They have the power to evoke humor, satire, or even profound social commentary, making them a powerful medium for self-expression and communication. Memes are also participatory in nature, with individuals and communities constantly remixing and reinterpreting them, much like the evolution of art movements over time.

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Memes are more than self-expression; they are potent communication tools, condensing complex ideas and emotions into easily shareable content that transcends language barriers, educates, entertains, and fosters community, making them a multifaceted means of modern online discourse.

Happy Homer meme

Bart and Lisa Chat meme

Assignment #2

Photo gif. The Thinker statue edited to having his finger move up and down. The loading circle for computers is next to his finger, so it looks like he's controlling the spin.










On the first day of CT101, I was eager and inquisitive to begin the course. However, I couldn’t help but notice the absence of assignment deadlines. Personally, I appreciate having deadlines because they motivate me and enable better time management.

Friends gif. Matt Leblanc as Joey shugs and gives a large frown as if he doesn't really care.

To be honest, I haven’t formed strong feelings about the course and its creative content yet.

Cartoon gif. Batman and Robin from the original cartoon sit in the Batmobile smiling and nodding. There’s a small yeti in the back seat that stares dead eyed.

CT101 stands out from my other classes because it provides Zoom archives, a feature I find quite convenient. It would be great if all my classes could offer this option. While I don’t have any issues with Commons, I do prefer using a consistent platform across all my courses.

Friends gif. Matt LeBlanc as Joey sits on the couch with a box of pizza flung open between his legs. He holds a slice of pepperoni pizza and pauses in the middle of his bite to think hard about something. No thought can be found and he says with chewing, “I don’t know”

I’m not sure about the creative potentials of this class yet.

SpongeBob gif. SpongeBob pumps his arms up and down excitedly, biting his little yellow lip.SpongeBob gif. SpongeBob pumps his arms up and down excitedly, biting his little yellow lip.

AND I’m always excited about learning new skills that involve Internet tools.