Assignment #7

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After taking some time to think about what kind of domain names I would want it became apparent I don’t really know myself that well. At first, I had come up with ChilLiang, which has chilling and my last name in it. This would be where I would post about my experiences with friends and family. 

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I had also come up with Ginye, which sounds like a genie. I took my father’s first name and my mom’s last name to make it.  I would like to keep this as a photo book for my family and as a place to store our memories so that my kids or my grandkids could forever be able to see my parents.

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I had come up with Williang, which almost sounds like willing. It is a combination of Will and Liang, I think that this could be a personal blog site, where I could post about my experiences with trauma, and other various experiences to share with people going through similar things.

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Another domain name I had come up with would be W&SNTF, which would be an abbreviation for William and Sharon never to be forgotten. Sharon is obviously my significant other, and as cliche and cheesy as it may be. I do think that it is a good name. I have spent a good part of my life with my significant other and I think that I would be able to post pictures of our adventures, and of course our problems. I think that throughout this era of technology, it lacks authenticity and genuineness that makes everything so plain and bland.

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At this point, I honestly gave up with thinking up a meaningful domain name as that was really what I could think of. However, after eating dinner I had come up with WilliamsFNF, which would be Williams Friends and Family, another place to have pictures and etc.

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