Assignment #8

When it comes to building my own website, which is a great concept I’ve had unfortunate issues. Mainly what my Domain name was gonna be. This is because I originally had no idea what was gonna be on the website. I had a few ideas for non-specific domain names that have no ties to anything in particular. The following domain names were

  1. thiswebsitedoesnotexist
  2. thisisnotawebsite

But ultimately, these domain names were taken so I obviously could not use them. This meant I REALLY had to think it over

I eventually found a domain name that works, is not specific as I’m not 100% sure what is going to be on the website and it was taken. This domain name is

1 thought on “Assignment #8”

  1. Great!
    I feel you!
    The domains trail can often be really hard as so many names are taken, but, BUT, You resolved this so well, I love the domain name that you created and selected!
    Sometimes the contrast is all we need to creatively generate something better!

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