Assignment 8- Domain Name

When I heard we were making our own domains at first I was wondering what to do what to do???  but It came to me immediately I knew what I wanted to do you guys are most likely wondering as well if it came to him that fast what could it be?? COME ON NOW

So to start off I want to start from the beginning and explain myself. I was playing Roblox with my best friend we were on a Discord call and we were just chatting it up like normal. I decided I wanted to make a stupid funny-looking avatar so we went into this game where you can choose outfits for your avatar and then buy them if you would like to.

While I was choosing my character’s look I ended up with a buff cat wearing a mushroom hat and a shirt that has a cute duck holding a knife. I decided to call him Mushroom Cat and ever since he’s been my mascot in a way the pfp I have on this website is Mushroom Cat. My online friend from south Africa made it for me and I’ve used it ever since.

The character you are seeing here is MUSHROOM CAT. This is why I decided with my domain name as BuffMushCat only because somehow Mushroomcat was taken I won’t lie it’s got me salty but IT’S OKAY I GUESS I still like BuffMushCat it’s funny. Alright that’s all for now