Assignment #8: mungie is finally getting artsy

Long time no see!

Can you guess which domain name I picked?

During the last class, I still couldn’t decide which name to pick


Professor Seslow greatly suggested consulting with my inner spirit guides :D.

and I chose

Registering for my own domain name, setting up website hosting and word press was fairly easy, especially with the guidance of Professor Seslow.

I think the only thing that I struggled with was deciding on the name and designing the website

SpongeBob gif. Spongebob chomps down on his fingernails on both hands with nail pieces flying out like wood chips. His pupils are wide with fear.

I watched so many videos to customize my website and I took the time to play around with different themes that are offered on word press.

A video that really helped me was this:

( hover over the image to see the video )

I know it’s pretty lengthy but I got to fully understand how to use WordPress.

Currently my website it unfinished but this is how it looks like currently:

I know it looks like nothing much, but I like to pay attention to all the details first before going into the big stuff

( which tends to be the reason why I’m so behind because it can get so time-consuming .-. )

Frustrated Stressed GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

(if you also wish to have it look like this do the following:)

go to your wp admin > drop down to appearance > themes > click on “ add new ” on the top left > search for astra > then click on install 


Political gif. Barack Obama stands at a podium in a tuxedo. He puts two fingers to his lips and does a literal mic drop.

goodluck to everyone working on their website! 

I’m looking forward to seeing it :DDD.

gtg i have to work on mine now

The Office Crying GIF

ty <3

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