Assignment #9: artsy mungie or struggling mungie

hello! hello! 

I hope everyone’s website looks great so far!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I watched so many videos in order to customize my website in a way where I’m FULLY content.

(i’m very nitpicky)

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I’ve made many adjustments to my website, for example, the color, the logo, the theme, etc.

I first started off by downloading Astra. I really like Astra because it has a wide variety of fonts and it’s said to be the easiest theme to use as well as to customize.

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Secondly, I thought about how I wanted to organize each thing on my website and decided to have a different page and then use my Home page to demonstrate to others what the website would be about. Each page looks like this:

Lastly, I customized some other things for myself like the footer and the color scheme. I really like violet and blue so I used those two colors and used it throughout my entire website with different tints of it. In the footer, I included the main menu, my Instagram, and my email. I included my Instagram and my email just in case anyone was wondering what it was :3 

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I thought to include the main menu again just because what if I blog so much to the point it’d be a hassle to scroll all the way back up, so including it again in the footer was just something that I thought would be efficient.

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Tying it all together, I thought deeply about what to use as my logo. I didn’t want to just use one from the internet, I know I wanted to create something so I used my girlfriend’s iPad and used Good Notes. I first just started scribbling with different fonts I can write in and end up with this:

( hover over this ^ to visit my website )

(I know my website looks REALLY empty BUT I have been working on it, it’s just because again I’m really taking my time in customizing the header, the footer, and each page layout.

definitely not because I’m having writer’s block :D)

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I did decide not to use the theme that Professor Seslow suggested because again I wanted to be able to customize my website fully and start without a template. Overall, I don’t think it was too difficult to learn Astra, it’s better to learn just by playing around with it on your own.

How does your website look like so far?

I hope it’s

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ty <3