Assignment #8 – Picking A Domain Name

Growing up when I was in elementary school I always wanted to have my own website like how Disney and Nickelodeon has their own.  Fast forward a a few years later here I am creating potential names for my website.  As a young girl when I would log on to the computer or laptop at home my go to websites were Club Penguin, Stardoll, CoolMathGames, GirlsGoGames, and Poptropica. Majority of these websites are used for creating characters to play games, interact with people from all over the world, and complete quests or challenges. 


The potential domain names I came up with are: Yafavva, LilBrownTing, YafaveA, and YafaveC

All of these domain names I listed all relate to my name and instagram accounts. Out of all the social media outlets Instagram has to be favorite and most used. 

My website would be about a couple things but mainly some of my favorite recipes, skin care products, nail art, makeup brands, and song playlists. Since my favorite color is pink I would probably use various shades of pink and create collages with photos and videos of the products I’d like to share. I’m excited to see where this website will take me and be able to use platforms to create various forms of media. 


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  1. Excellent work here!
    Are you enjoying the process?
    I love the colorful text here!
    My oldest niece was obsessed with Club Penguin back in the day, I still bring it up often!

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