Assignment #10: The WordPress Customizing Series, Part 1!

Well, I have to say my website is off to a flier!

I did it in the reverse order haha. But here’s a before and after.
First, I edited the title, then added a quote on invigoration. A trait that fuels me in life. Added a profile picture of me and inserted my links to my media. Then I changed the color palette to something I thought would be smooth and give a calm vibe. Then I added a Polish flag for representation purposes. Lots to tackle, but I reckon a solid start.

I REALLY like the placement of all my components thus far. The contrast between the original template and what it is now is staggering.
I really rate the vision so far. I wanted to personalize it. I had trouble accessing it as finding it after I installed WordPress the option to edit was tough. Only for a certain amount of time.
The soon to be famous link:
I think this site will be GREAT to promote some of my work, be it soccer montages, interviews with peers and friends, or my essays and papers I’m most proud of. That’s the vision so far. I aim to put my dissertation on sports loyalty and gentrification paper I wrote for example.
Also the networking possibilities will be tremendous. I still need the confirmation link to be sent to me, anyone else having that delay? Bit worried.

5 thoughts on “Assignment #10: The WordPress Customizing Series, Part 1!”

  1. Thanks for adding all of your social media links. This was great information, and I will update my website with my social media as I missed doing that. You did a great job with adding gifs and screenshots too. You may want to extend the size of your gifs so the layout is uniform and easier to view. To do this, go to the editor page in WP, select the image, drag the corner of the image(it doesn’t matter which corner) drag until it cannot expand any further. When you choose the preview tab, all your inserted media should now be the same size.

  2. Hey Kamil
    It is great to see that your website is off to a good start and I like how you kept the colors neutral. I have yet to start editing my website but seeing this is giving me some inspiration. Thanks for the idea to include social media links, I might even consider including links to mine aswell.

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