Assignment #8 Registration.


Assignment #8 Registration.

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My experience setting my domain on reclaiming hosting was kind of alright, I ran into some issues here and there and I actually needed to Email the support, but at the end I manage to get everything done and download WordPress.

The first Issue that I met was that there was not a cPanel for me, therefore I had to contact IT support in order to get my panel, at the end I was told that I needed to activate my domain which I  did and got cPanel, after that I downloaded WordPress and which yet again I ran into another issue.     Whenever I try to download WordPress I get the same Result, and at the moment I have not been able to fix it, plus I have not found a way to contact support for WordPress such as an Email, I have look into the forums and yet have not found any information about how to fix an installation error for WordPress, therefore I’m now stuck if there is anyone who can help me I will be thankful for.

News: My issues have been fixed Hosting contacted me and asked me if everything was fine, and I told them about the WordPress issues and they solved it and now I’m ready to use WordPress.

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