Assignment #8: Creating My Domain

Creating my domain on Reclaim Hosting was super easy!

Upon opening the sign-up portal, I quickly got to work on checking the availability on my domain. As I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted my domain to stick to my name: Pretty simple, and clean. I had a feeling this would be available just because my name isn’t so common, and I was right.

After getting approved and filling out the information, I verified my email and quickly installed WordPress, through C-Panel, following the steps and tutorial provided by Professor Seslow. (Of course, this isn’t WordPress itself but the open source version of

After easily finishing up all the steps, I got a first look at what my website looked like, even though it is the sample template used for everyone!

My overall experience was smooth and simple. From creating my domain, to setting up my web hosting account, to installing WordPress. I can’t wait to begin my design and get working on the cool projects on my website.

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