Assignment 9

A lot of customization and decision making using wordpress. I had already messed with some of the features before but this time I went further on how I want my website to look. First I added the slogan of the banquet hall I work at as the title of the homepage “If You Can Imagine It We Can Make It Happen” that may stay or it might not I am not too sure right now.

I also changed the colors the yellow background and black text was not working for me so I changed it to a black background with gold text and now it has a way better look. I had put a background image previously but no matter how I adjusted it, it didn’t seem like a right fit so I removed it completely. I added two more categories to my menu page adding a photography and video section because those are the ways in which I will be showcasing event decorations. I got rid of a lot of the default content on my theme but I experimented with all 3 themes for a bit and found the 2020 to be the easiest to navigate and customize with so I chose that. I decided I want my home page to show some of my favorite setup and  decorations and the pictures taken from those events and make the homepage a static page. I also added to widgets one about the site and one where to find the banquet hall in which these pictures were taken. I will probably add more widgets. And do many more changes in terms of theme and how everything is formatted. Here are some images of the current progress.

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