CT101 Final Blog Post/ Fatema Johura

Final Reflection Blog Post

My Experience with CT101

First of all, I would like to admit that it’s been a  wonderful journey so far. The way Professor Ryan designed this course I had a unique experience. Throughout college life, we have to take a bunch of courses, but honestly, only a few courses help us to grow intellectually. There is no doubt that CT101 is one of those courses, where we get to learn and practice new skills almost every single week, which we can continue using in the future in terms of virtual communication. In this class, I learned how to improve myself in terms of using the internet more creatively. Here I learned how to create my own website from scratch using WordPress, publish blog posts more professionally by using hyperlinks, embedding images and videos, linking any image to the source, etc. I also learned how to create Memes and GIFs to tell my stories and give context to readers of my blog posts. I am also glad that through this course, I got to introduce some incredible websites such as GiphyPixabayPhotopea, WordPress, etc. I enjoy studying  CT101, and undoubtedly, this is one of my favorite classes that I’ve taken in college.

The future of my newbie website:

Yes, I would like to maintain and keep working on my new website. Since my website is based on traveling and I love to travel, I am planning to keep posting my travel photos and my experiences on my website. Because this way I can keep those happy moments alive and relive those experiences forever.

Reflection of the Assignments:

Now I’m going to reflect on the assignments I did so far and showcase some of my works here.

Assignment #1 – What Makes You Happy on the Internet?

In this assignment, we were asked to share media, images, videos, and links that I love to do/watch on the internet. I used hyperlinks, Memes,  GIFs, and my favorite  YouTube channel links to complete that assignment. As that was my first blog post, I was quite happy with the outcome.

Assignment #2 – Making our first GIF & GIF Post Narratives!

In this assignment, I shared my experience on the first day of the CT101 class, my thoughts on its creative contents, and compared this course with my other courses. I used a lot of GIFs from Giphy, one of my favorite websites, to complete this assignment. However, I didn’t use any hyperlinks on the assignment, so Professor Ryan asked me in the comment section to use some hyperlinks in my blog posts and I updated my assignments with a few hyperlinks.

Assingment#3 – Are memes art?

I created this Meme for this assignment. To be honest, I felt weird as well as surprised knowing the fact that Memes can be considered as an “Art”..! But from this video, I just learned that there was actually an exhibition of memes held in LA in 2017!! Besides that,  I was introduced to the websites Imgur and Make A Meme which I used to create Memes for my blog posts.

Assignment #4-: Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility

Initially, I thought this assignment was one of the most challenging ones to complete, however, it wasn’t that hard, and really enjoyed doing it. From DS106 Assignment Bank I completed a total of 3 projects, code assignments, Name this Flower, and Make a GIF and add subtitles!  I described step-by-step processes and the end results of the projects in that assignment. 

Assignment #5–  Digital Art & Creative Immediacy

In this assignment, we had to define the meanings of Creativity + Intuition + Immediacy. I had to do some brainstorming work for this one because I wasn’t sure about how. The main goal of this assignment was to design a webpage using the mmm. page which was quite interesting.  I have never worked with creating Memes ,GIPHY , or designing web pages. Almost everything is new to me. After completing this blog post I feel like my creative content creation skill has certainly improved!

Assingment#6–  Mid-Semester Recap 

This was basically another reflection post about how am I doing in CT101, what skills I developed so far, how many points have I earned, and what grade I believe I am maintaining… This assignment makes me realize that I actually learned so many new things so far and felt good about my journey. 


Assingment#7– It’s Time to Pick A Domain Name!!

With this assignment, we officially stepped into the 2nd phase of this which creating our own website. We had to decide what type of website we want to build and created a list of a few  Domain Names accordingly. Among them, we had to pick out a  Domain name (Love2Explore.net) for our website and checked the availability of that name from Godaddy.com.

Assingment#8: Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set-Up & WordPress Installation!

In this blog post, I explained the process of creating a Domain Name, registration, Hosting, and Setting up the WordPress Installation. At first, it seems to be a lot, but thanks to Professor Ryan, by following this instruction it took literally 5-10 minutes to set everything up!

I can completely relate to this reel. Although I did everything pretty fast and smoothly, however, the email address I used was incorrect, so I had to face some trouble fixing this issue because I couldn’t verify my email and my domain got suspended.

Assingment# 09-  Customizing My WordPress Website

I decided to build my website based on my travel stories. After I got access to my website, I immediately started my customizing my website. I chose a theme for my website, added a tagline, and created the Home page, About page, and Contact the same day. I was exploring my options with different editing tools and colors and watching video tutorials really helped me start editing my website.

Assignment #10: Exploring the WordPress Potential and My First Blog Post.

In this blog, I invited my fellow classmates to visit my website and read my first blog post “MY FAVORITE DESTINATIONS SO FAR”- which I just published here on my website: Love2Explore.net. I also requested everyone to leave feedback in the comment section below my blog post. I am glad to say that some of my classmates actually like my website and shared about my website in their posts.

Assignment #11– Panoramic Storytelling & Multiplicity

This was one of my favorite assignments because in this blog post I shared my experience with Panoramic photography as well as the funny stories behind them. I really enjoyed a lot doing this assignment.

Assignment-12: Sharing Website’s URL

Here I shared my Website’s URL once again with everyone. For this assignment, I explored and discovered some of my classmate’s websites, which were amazing. It was a great pleasure by looking at each other’s work and making helpful comments about their websites and giving them suggestions on how they can do better.

Tour of Website:

My website: Love2Explore.net

By clicking on each image, you guys also visit those pages.

home page

This is the first glimpse of my website. I have a total of 5 pages on my website. I also added the tagline “Here, There, and Everywhere” on my website. If you click on the “READ MORE” button, it will redirect you to the “Recent Visited” blog posts tab.

This is a brief summary of my first blog. By clicking the “Read More” button, you can view the full post.


This is my About page where I write a little bit about myself so that the viewers can know about me and my motives for creating this website.


This page is basically about my favorite types of adventures. I am planning to share blog posts based on each category.

upcoming events

I created this page mainly for commercial purposes. Although I am not gonna do that right now, in the future, I might organize these types of trips.



This is the contact page. I didn’t put my actual address and contact no for privacy purposes.


The footer section of my website is pretty simple and straightforward.  I just have my address, email, contact no, and copyright claim on my website.

the blog page

This is the Blog Page of my website. It has a comment section where the readers and share their thoughts and leave feedback for me.

Overall assessment of the building and having a website.

Other than the email issue, I did not really face any other issues building this website. I followed the professor’s instructions as well as this YouTube tutorial for creating the website, and my overall experience is pretty good. I actually do not have anything to complain about. I was excited about the website and had an amazing experience creating it.

grade I am expecting from this course

Well, from the 1st assignment to till now, I literally put my 100% effort into creating each blog post. Even though I have attended every single class, still I always rewatch video tutorials and take notes of important stuff like this word document, before starting a blog post so that I don’t miss anything that the professor asks for. I always use titles for my posts, GIFs, Memes, hyperlinks, embed images and videos, and link those images to the source basically everything the professor mentions during lectures.

Therefore, I am hoping for an A in this course. However, it’s true that I could not post the last few assignments on time for the last couple of weeks because I have some health complications and was recommended to take bed rest for a couple of days. Moreover, I have taken 6 courses (21 credits) this semester because I am planning to graduate next semester. Thus,  keeping up with the all course works was quite challenging for me.

Lastly, I would like to thank Professor Ryan for making this course so much fun, and for being so kind and generous. Also, my fellow classmates are amazing too. In the last assignment, I love the way they appreciate each other’s work and share their thoughts. Overall, it is an incredible experience indeed!

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  1. Thank you so much for the great great work here in CT101!
    Thank you for the kind words, Im sop happy that you liked the class so much!
    This final post is a wonderful example of all of the skills that you have learned and mastered!
    Thank you for the commitment to the course work and weekly participation and evolution of skills!
    Your website is looking wonderful and I am excited to know that you enjoyed the process and will keep it going!
    Have a great summer, you easily earned your A in CT101!
    Thank you!

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