Assignment #9: How to train your website

So this was a first for me, building a website is something I’ve thought of doing but never actually sat down and done before. It always sounds so intimidating and I think that might have been one of the things adding to my nervousness about this assignment. Yet, here we are I’ve finally taken my first baby steps (although a little late) toward building my site.

Is this your first time building a website?

I started out by changing the theme as Ryan suggested. I thought about toying with the other two themes but then I realized that I’m a bit late to the process so I went with the suggested 2021 theme.

SpongeBob gif. Patrick looks perplexed as he rests his chin on his fist. SpongeBob looks troubled and then we zoom out to show them in a room together.

The next thing we had to do was change the background color. I thought about making it a pretty galaxy theme, but then looking at the comparisons between solid purple and the galaxy I figured that solid purple looked the best because it doesn’t impair the readability of the website. In the end, I decided to do both (in a way) I put the galaxy-themed background on the website but as a picture for the homepage.

Lastly, I wanted to rearrange some of the tabs and install the two plugins that our professor suggested.
What parts of the blog did you change around first?
In the end, I wound up deleting some of the social media pages, moving the about and blog pages into a drop-down menu, and filling out my about me page. I also made sure to change my website icon to the galaxy image.
I am happy with the progress so far because I thought it was going to be alot harder then it wound up being.The Simpsons gif. Homer Simpson throws his fists into the air jubilantly, saying, "Whoo-hoo!"
Im hoping to build something similar to my But, I want the homepage to have less randomness so that the user can see the cohesiveness of the website and follow along. So in the end it should be more similar to organized chaos. Now, I have to go work on the more in depth parts of the website like the pages, so see ya’ll… for now…The Grinch Smiling GIF by The Good Films