Assignment 9: Registering a New Domain

I’ll be honest, I definitely didn’t expect setting up a website would be this easy. The last time I saw any form of web development was when I was like… five or six? And I was watching my brother try his damned best to put together a website for his band. This was in the early 2000s, so it involved a lot of frustration and hair-pulling on his end. I think I definitely subconsciously expected the same thing when I started work on mine.
But, it wasn’t! With the professor’s help, I got everything set up in under an hour. The hardest part was definitely just… picking a name I liked. I ended up settling for AaquibAbdullahWrites, because I figured that simplicity would be best.

You can find my site here!

The actual process of setting everything up was very easy, at least for me. Setting up wordpress only took a few clicks, and finding a theme I was happy with required just a few minutes of looking through all the available ones.

The site is still nowhere near done, though! I want to add some snippets and short stories I’ve written there, along with finalize the designs and whatnot, which I’ll cover in my next blog post.

Love and Peace!