Assignment #9: WordPress Customizing

This week I got started on customizing my WordPress website. Starting off with my home page. But before doing anything else, I made sure to switch over to the Twenty-Twenty theme or template, as I knew it’d be better for me as a beginner.

After activating the theme, I quickly got started on customizing the sample page. I looked and clicked around to figure out where everything was and the things I was able to change. First, changing some background colors a bit. I want a sort of clean-cut design on my website, something that isn’t difficult to look at. So, I decided to change the original fuchsia pink color to a more pastel/light pink.

Then, I began working on my title or header. As much as I tried to think of a cool name, I decided to stick to something basic for now and as I gather inspiration along the way, I can go back in and change it.

I also added in my own text and introduction to my website. Adding in some facts about me and what type of things I’ll talk about in my blog posts. I also added in one of my favorite quotes by Alan Watts and his book The Wisdom of Insecurity.

“The mystery of life is not a question to be asked or a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”

As some of the final details, I decided to add shortcuts to my Twitter and Instagram. Added my contact email and a photo of myself as part as the introduction for the viewers.

I have a lot more work to do regarding my website and customizing each page, but WordPress has made it super easy to do and I’m excited to push forward. You can visit my work in progress here or by clicking the image above. Please let me know your thoughts or any tips you think would help me!

2 thoughts on “Assignment #9: WordPress Customizing”

  1. Awesome job on this blog post!
    I like the color you chose pink works well with the black dot.
    I also added social media just incase anybody needed to contact me.

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