Assignment#11 Panoramic Storytelling & Multiplicity.

In this assignment I will share my multiple attempts using a 360 panorama, with my phone inside my room. This is my first attempt using the 360 panorama(Sorry for my messy bed), I think that it was a solid and good attempt, it actually looks like if it was a normal photo to me, however you can kind of see that there is some curvature on the bed and probably in the walls.

This is my second attempt on doing something with the 360 panorama, here I tried to replicate my hand in each frame, however since I was using one of my hands to grab the quarter and the other grab my phone, therefore I end it up shacking a bit, as you can see I end it with a somewhat of a fainted hand over each frame, you can even see a black void in the top left corner due to my shacking hands.

This is my last project/photo with the 360 panorama,  I tried to make a mini story with a plushy, the narrative of the story is that the plushy is trying to get to the computer, in order to start doing his homework, however he has to make a huge jump from the kingdoms of my bookbag to the land of the bed to finally arrive to the land of the laptop.

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