Building my website and posting my first blog


In my last piece, I discussed how I went about constructing my website. I describe how I downloaded Astra and began customizing my website by altering the theme initially.  I choose to get a starter template that will provide me with website template options that I can tweak for my own website. A starting template is what it’s called. Elementor is also what I use to design and update my pages. Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. This plugin helps you to create gorgeous pages using a visual editor. It’s designed to make creating dynamic web pages simple.

Since last week, a lot has transpired, and I’ve updated my website to make it more presentable for today. I’ll show you my newly updated page, and you’ll get the opportunity to visit my website today. I haven’t completed revising the ABOUT categories, but you should have a look at the rest and let me know what I can do to better any of the work I’ve already done in the comments. I haven’t change the name of the website but I’m working on creating a really great logo for it. My website is still a working progress….

Before you read the next paragraph, take a look at my website so far. By the way, “learn more” is not working because I haven’t linked anything to it yet.  Also check out my first blog

I wanted to discuss nutrition in my first blog on my website, and how vital it is for people to take the required steps to care for their bodies. Food is vital because it provides energy for activity, development, and all bodily processes such as breathing, digesting food, and staying warm; as well as materials for body growth and repair, and for keeping the immune system healthy.


In the next few weeks, I’ll be writing more blog posts on my culture’s food and offering various types of dishes for you to try. I’ll show you how to cook jollof rice, Moi Moi, fried rice, and Gizdodo. You’ll get a deeper look at how to prepare Nigerian cuisine.



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