Assignment#2 CT101?!?!

Who would have thought that I found a class just as fun as CT101?  I’m a studio art major wanting to expand my skills, I’m good with digital art but if I have to be honest I never knew about  Communication Technology.

I know I know, I only knew about studio art since I am a transfer student. Walking into the first day, well I was a bit late but that’s beside the point. I walked in expecting a very serious class and teacher but that was the opposite. Ryan is a  pretty chill teacher, he very welcoming and a pretty cool teacher to talk to. Not to mention the class felt very welcoming to people who are in different majors and technological skills.

So far  CT101 is a pretty chill class so far compared to my other classes where I have multiple projects at once each other is more time-consuming than the others which makes my brain hurt.

I feel like I have a lot of creative potential in the project as well since we’re able to use this to help us to express how we feel with gifs. It’s also fun to try and mix and matches gifs to make a story in a sense. I also feel that learning internet skills tools is helpful because I can use these techniques in the future.

Till next time!!


1 thought on “Assignment#2 CT101?!?!”

  1. Great work so far!
    Great use of formatting, adding your GIFS, sharing your feelings and forward motion!
    Let’s not forget to reference the GIF history links / articles included in the assignment, this helps push things further for the reader, and helps active more reflection and context.
    You got this!

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