Assignment #2: CT10whaaaat?!?!?

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So as you can tell from the title before now I had never heard of Communications Technology as a major. I had studied architecture since I was about 8 years old and it was my major in college for 2 years. Considering my experience with a creative major being a soul-sucking drag before now I was not expecting the first day to be as fun as it was.

But the fact that Ryan listens to us and makes sure to treat us as more than just students on a roster creates cool energy in the class. When he told us about the homework style and the fact that there was no set schedule or due dates to stress over I was elated!!Music Video Reaction GIF by bea miller

The fact that we get to blog as homework is the coolest thing ever and I’m excited to see what all of us wind up making in the future. This class helps to stretch my creative thought process which is a muscle I haven’t flexed in a while, to be honest XD.

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Having a class that allows me to express myself is what I was looking for in a major. So far this has felt like the perfect blend of learning and showing off skills that we may already have which is most likely more than I do in math.

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This assignment in particular has been an exciting learning experience. Finding out that the history of gifs is a long and complicated trail of copyright laws, boycotts, and intellectual properties is something I was expecting. What caught me off guard, however, was the amount of individuality the gif has now. I also didn’t expect it to be 30 years old.

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I was pleased to learn that oxford had to weigh in on the gif vs jif war even if they only made it worse by declaring both valid. I’ll of course still say gif because it makes the most sense.

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But learning how to make these supposedly simple gifs were the hardest part for me. I didn’t expect to have so much difficulty getting the loops that I wanted, let alone thinking of the material I wanted to loop in the first place. The internet normally comes second-hand to me but this genuinely made me draw a blank. I welcome the challenge of course but in the end, was not able to make all of the gifs that I wanted to.

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I found both Imgur and Giphy a little difficult to navigate but in the end, I’ll probably use them for different sources. Imgur is easier for gifs that are a bit longer but Giphy is better for short clips. I look forward to experimenting more with both and learning to be an active participant in internet culture. But that’s all I have for now. Ciao Y’all!!

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