Assignment#9 by Sajani Sufian

Hey Class, Welcome to my purple website!

Now when I have invited you to my new purply website, may I please let you know how excited I am about this?

It is very exciting customizing my website. This week, following Professor Ryan’s tutorials I customized some basic things on my website. I picked a color for the background. Purple is my favorite color! I checked how the other available colors looked as a background as well, but I decided to pick purple. Also, the content I am thinking about will match with a purple background on my website.

Then I wrote my site title. “Hello, This is Sajani!” sounded good to me. Because I wanted the visitors of my website notice the first thing about this site is me. If anyone randomly visits my website without acknowledging that they are visiting Sajani’s website, this site title will catch their eyes. I removed the tagline.

I added a new category to my primary section menu named “Favorite Quotes”. I am thinking about posting the quotes I like to my website. It can be a quote I saw in any social media platforms from a famous/popular person and liked it (of course I will mention their names). So, I decided to make it a category. For my homepage settings, I left it as a static page. Then I edited my first page. I put a quote that I wrote in the center of my homepage. I removed the default images. I want my about and contact menu to be together, as Professor Ryan has for his website! Once we learn how to do that, I am planning on posting a persona of myself to the about/contact menu. This persona will include an image of myself, and basic things about me (where I am from, where and what do I study, what do I like to do, etc). And, I will also hyperlink my social media to the about/contact menu.

I posted my first blog post!

I decided to remove the “search” and “recent comments” widgets from my homepage as a footer. And only left the “recent posts” category there. And, I do not really want to keep any secondary menus.

As I go forward with my website, I am planning on using it for sharing my creative writings, movie/book reviews, my random mobile photography, and of course my favorite quotes! So, I think the background color synchronizes well with my future content. As I was following Professor Ryan’s video tutorial and customizing my website, I did not face any difficulties. It was fun, exciting. I hope it will not get so stressful moving further!




7 thoughts on “Assignment#9 by Sajani Sufian”

  1. Excellent work!
    Very exciting new website in progress and blog post too! (ill leave a comment there soon)
    The only thing that is missing …. this blog post does not seem to have any images, or GIFs, or memes or videos ? Hmmm, perhaps you can add a few? :)))) We always need to engage our readers with media 🙂

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