Time flies. I am writing the final blog post for the most exciting class. What a great experience it has been in this class!

I want to thank Professor Ryan for being so helpful. We need more teachers like him because he has the most beneficial teaching style.

“Digital Storytelling” class took me through a journey I was nervous about because of obvious reasons. As I have mentioned a few times before, I am not tech-savvy at all. But I enjoyed learning little technological skills in this class. I fell in love with making GIFs. CT 101 made me realize that the internet is a platform of unlimited opportunities specially if you have a creative mindset. Starting from making GIFs, memes to customizing my personal website- I didn’t see myself here before taking this class. The purpose of this class was to expand our creativity even a little with each assignment. The professor encouraged us to express our creative minds on each blog post. We were encouraged to use the vast options out there on the internet to be creative, imaginative, and expressive about them. Reading several articles in CT 101 taught me that communicating using GIFs, memes in the digital world is not only the way of having fun with friends, but it means a lot to some people out there because they are so passionate about it that they made a career out of it. I enjoyed learning about these people who do what they love to do. In a way, they are communicating to the world the message that we all should learn more about what interests us.

I am not so confident about receiving an A in this class. I have completed the assignments on time but I doubt if they consisted of high-quality creative outputs. Creativity, Perception, Intuition, Imagination are amazing things to possess. I have all the other three except digital creativity. Being bad at both technology, and digital art- makes me less confident about receiving an A in this class. I express my creative thinking, my perception, imagination in my writing. The website that I have created, is based on my writing content. I have done my best in this class by following instructions, watching Professor’s tutorials to complete each assignment. So, considering the effort, and having completed all the assignments on time, I think I can hope for an A in CT 101.

Assignment #1

Assignment #2

Assignment #3

Assignment #4

Assignment #5

Mid-semester assessment

Assignment #7

Assignment #8

Assignment #9

Assignment #10

Assignment #11

Everything that we learn in our daily lives, we apply them even unknowingly into the world. It can be a skill, an idea, a thought, a process, a method. Sometimes working through a particular project teaches us some deeper aspects that we do not acknowledge instantly. For example, while customizing the website not only we learned the procedure to build a website on WordPress, we also learned to be patient with any major project because taking one step at a time makes any work easier and clearer. In this class along with creating GIFs, memes, finding out several assignment webpages, learning about so many cool different ways to express creativity like the assignment repository, creating and customizing a website- I also enjoyed seeing my classmates’ creativity levels. Every blog post from each of them was a new idea and perception. I enjoyed the method of composing each blog post in this class. I feel like I have always wanted to format and compose assignments in this method. This format is my favorite style and I have always loved writing in this format in my social media posts. Now when I have learned to make GIFs, I will be making some often. I have already started to use the ones I made to communicate with friends. I remember doing an assignment in this class in which I used GIFs to tell a story. I think this is going to be one of my ways to express a story from now on. It will expand my creativity along with my readers’. CT 101 has made me look at things I use every day in a different way. The use of social media, how it can be embedded into our professional platform is one of them. Students who will be using their newly customized websites for professional usage now know how to hyperlink social media accounts to their websites for the visitors to find them. This way, there are more available mediums to connect to them. Speaking of my website, I have been procrastinating in creating a blog to publish my writings. CT 101 tutorials and class sessions have made me finally get it started. This class made me realize once again that every time I hear something about being creative, I can only think of putting my thoughts and imagination into my own words and style. I like studying communications. I want to be able to communicate better with people using other methods except writing too. So, here I am majoring in Communications Technology. I believe the skills I have learned in CT 101, will benefit me in my further courses as well.

Also, I have learned to pay more mindful attention to the content on the internet. By this I mean, if I like a haircare tutorial video on Youtube, now I start to think about writing a review on this! After learning skills in CT 101, I can now connect those to developing my creative and thoughtful writing skills.

I have decided to maintain the personal website that I have registered and customized as CT 101 class project. As I have mentioned before, I have been thinking about creating my own blog to publish my writings. A website feels like a more focused way on the internet to stay connected to people from all over the world. I can always post my writings on my social media accounts but maintaining a website makes it a certain page that focuses only on one particular work of mine. I understand that maintaining a website may sometimes feel like extra work to do because of full-time college classes. But I believe if I have the intention and mindset to keep it, and believe that I started it only to take it further, I will keep it. I can post the writings that I post on my social media accounts on sajanisufian.com as well.

This is the homepage of my website. Since it’s “my” website and I intend to use it for posting my writings, I thought it would be nice to welcome my visitors with something encouraging I believe in.

I took my time deciding on how to organize my “about” menu. Then I removed the “contact” menu from my purple website. I just wrote some basic information about myself on the “about” menu.

With the menu “blog”, I have a sub-page called “creative writing”. I will post my fictional writings under that menu. And fact-based, opinion-based discussions directly under “blog”.

So far, there are three blog posts on my website. Please read them anytime you want & leave some thoughts, comments for me.

First post

Introductory post

You are fine!

I have created a menu called “favorite quotes” on my website. I often come across sayings/quotes by different people that I like. I have the intention of sharing those on my website with proper credit as well.

I spend a lot of time on social media reading posts from others and thinking about them. I try to analyze every discussion that I come across. Trying to understand the writer’s main point, perception teaches me how every mind is so contributive in this society somehow. This exercise expands my critical thinking capacity. During my free time, I often happen to write down what’s on my mind/a thought, or opinion about a current issue, or a story that has been on my mind for a while. Before registering my domain, it was my intention to use my personal website for the same cause. This is how I plan to keep and maintain my website.

I decided to design my site icon with my initials. I created this very basic design on Photoshop and used it as my site icon. When I had to decide between a few appropriate domain names for my website, I finally decided to go with my first & last name. The main reason I chose purple as my background color is that it’s my favorite color. And it combines well with my site purpose because it will be mostly writings. This dark color gives the visitors the impression that the content in this site is serious. I also added “photography” as one of my menus before, but then I realized that I should only focus on one part which is writing. So far, I like how my site looks. I did not have much frustrations while customizing it, I just had to be so attentive and patient with the process. I was excited too. Professor Ryan’s tutorials have been really helpful. I decided to take off the secondary menu and leave the footer area of my site only with the “recent posts”.  I think I will keep it simple and serious as it is now.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone in this class. Even though we did not get to attend class in-person, I still think somehow we contributed to each other’s creativity “digitally”. Keep sharing great thoughts and ideas.


Assignment#11 by Sajani Sufian

Hello Class! I posted a NEW POST  on my purple website! Check it out & do not forget to leave your thoughts there!

All of you are doing amazing work on your websites! Let me share my thoughts on some of your works!

I loved the formatting and color of Nader’s website. The moment I reached his website, the color made me want to explore his site.

I like how he has posted his name in a logo centered on the top. Also, his photography content is amazing!

Then, I visited Victor’s website. I like the way he has set up his menu navigation centering on the home page. As of now, I do not see any content posted by him on his website. But I cannot wait to see what his site is about!

I shared a public post that I found on my Facebook news feed under my “Favorite Quotes” menu navigation. I embedded the particular post directly from Facebook using the code. I also hyperlinked the page on my website. I do not want to add my social media as a specific menu on my website. None of my social media accounts are public, all of them are private. So, even if I share the feeds on a category on my website, I am not sure if it’ll be posted on my website.



Hey Class, Check Out My Introductory Post on My Purple Website! (Assignment#10) by Sajani Sufian

Dear CT 101 Community,

On my brand new Purple Website  I just published a NEW BLOG POST!

Please check it out & leave your thoughts on the comment section!

On this post here, let me give you some hints by attaching a picture which is related to my recent post.

I took this picture in a Rose Garden when I visited my country Bangladesh this year.

A Short Introductory Post from the Purple Site Owner

I am yet to select an icon for my website. Following Professor Ryan’s tutorial, I created a category named “Photography”. But later on I removed it because as of now I wanted to focus more on posting writings. Even if I want to add an image to my home page, as of now I am not sure which one I’d like there. I’ll add one if I think it’s appropriate for my website later on. Or maybe a GIF. I want to combine my about and contact menu together as “About/Contact”. I tried to edit one of these menu names on the primary menu customization, but it doesn’t allow me to do that. I think the primary menu bar looks too congested with all the menu/categories/sub-pages. Once I learn how to put these two menus together, I’ll edit that page with content and hyperlink my social media to that menu. That is why I did not put my social media icons to the footer page area.

I definitely created a sub-page for my “Blog” menu and named it “Creative Writing“. I activated the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin. 

Assignment#9 by Sajani Sufian

Hey Class, Welcome to my purple website!

Now when I have invited you to my new purply website, may I please let you know how excited I am about this?

It is very exciting customizing my website. This week, following Professor Ryan’s tutorials I customized some basic things on my website. I picked a color for the background. Purple is my favorite color! I checked how the other available colors looked as a background as well, but I decided to pick purple. Also, the content I am thinking about will match with a purple background on my website.

Then I wrote my site title. “Hello, This is Sajani!” sounded good to me. Because I wanted the visitors of my website notice the first thing about this site is me. If anyone randomly visits my website without acknowledging that they are visiting Sajani’s website, this site title will catch their eyes. I removed the tagline.

I added a new category to my primary section menu named “Favorite Quotes”. I am thinking about posting the quotes I like to my website. It can be a quote I saw in any social media platforms from a famous/popular person and liked it (of course I will mention their names). So, I decided to make it a category. For my homepage settings, I left it as a static page. Then I edited my first page. I put a quote that I wrote in the center of my homepage. I removed the default images. I want my about and contact menu to be together, as Professor Ryan has for his website! Once we learn how to do that, I am planning on posting a persona of myself to the about/contact menu. This persona will include an image of myself, and basic things about me (where I am from, where and what do I study, what do I like to do, etc). And, I will also hyperlink my social media to the about/contact menu.

I posted my first blog post!

I decided to remove the “search” and “recent comments” widgets from my homepage as a footer. And only left the “recent posts” category there. And, I do not really want to keep any secondary menus.

As I go forward with my website, I am planning on using it for sharing my creative writings, movie/book reviews, my random mobile photography, and of course my favorite quotes! So, I think the background color synchronizes well with my future content. As I was following Professor Ryan’s video tutorial and customizing my website, I did not face any difficulties. It was fun, exciting. I hope it will not get so stressful moving further!




Assignment#8 by Sajani Sufian

I finally registered my domain! Following Professor Ryan’s instructions, I was able to smoothly complete the registration.

It was not difficult at all as I thought it would be. Reclaim hosting took me step by step to complete the basic registration process. I took notes of the username and password that I created.  I was nervous because I thought creating a website must be very difficult. Now I have it, it’s there! I cannot wait to start blogging.

I chose my final domain name among a few which I considered last week. This week, following professor Ryan’s tutorial I registered that domain for free using reclaim hosting. I downloaded WordPress on my laptop, which will help me to customize and administrate my site. The entire time I was excited still I paid full attention to our professor’s tutorial because I did not want to miss any important part of the process. He went through the steps about how to upload images as my site icon, background image, how to create a logo, etc; but I am not sure which images to put there yet. So, for now I left it as it is. I do not think I want a site title, so I checked off the display of a title for my site. The WP administration gives me access to make necessary edit to my site and after our last session, I know how to access my domain.

Now it’s out there in the internet world! 🙂 But I am going to take my time customizing it. I have started to think how to customize it.  Any suggestions for site icons are welcome! 


It was an exciting task thinking about the domain name for my own website! I came up with a few and they are not taken yet (I checked on a domain checker).

sajanisufian.com = This could be my very unique web address because it consists of my first and last name only. There’s no better and unique identity then one’s name, so definitely can be considered as MY domain name.

heruniverse.blog = I believe we all get to explore the mysterious universe inside our minds. Countless thoughts, imaginations and what not! Since we are far from imagining how broad this universe is, I’d like to think that I can visit it in my mind. Hence, this domain name could be a great choice because as I know, I will be pouring my mind out on my website. 

sajanisdigitaldiary.com = If I want I can use my website as my digital diary. I will probably be publishing daily blogposts. For example, If I am excited or nervous about a particular exam or an assignment, I’ll share that I feel that way and write a small paragraph on it. 

sajanisjournal.com = I will share my certain observations, perceptions, opinions on my website. If this is the domain I choose at the end, the readers of my website should understand how Sajani thinks about certain things. 

typingmymind.blog = I will be typing my mind. This term synchronizes with what someone who loves to write would be thinking when they are about to create their own website/blog. I will post creative stories written by me. This domain sounded funny even to myself but I still think it’s different and accurate considering what I will be posting on my website. 

I invented all the possible domain names above keeping in mind the theme, concept of my likeness of writing.

There are not so many websites that I use on a daily basis. Among the few, YouTube is my most favorite.


I love using YouTube because honestly in simple words it makes my life so much easier. By listening to my favorite music, watching movies I spend a lot of “me-time”. I even use YouTube for better explanations of a reading text from a class, some tutorials for a specific project, etc. It’s content is what we need it for.

The Mid-Semester Assessment Post by Sajani Sufian

In the beginning of the semester: 

I have learned so many things so far in this class. So now:

→How am I doing in CT101? Honestly, I think I’d do better in CT101 if I was a creative person. I do not think I am overall a creative person. I am someone who is good at following instructions and get an assignment/task done by the due date it has to be done. CT 101 is a great class, in fact one of the best classes ever. So, while answering this question, I would say that I am doing great in terms of attending the zoom sessions, completing each assignment weekly following Professor Ryan’s instructions on each particular assignment. But, the quality of my assignments could be better only if I was a more creative student.

What grade do I believe I am maintaining and what evidence shows my assessment?  (List each completed blog post as a hyperlink and also state what assignments you are missing)

I believe, actively participating in all the zoom sessions and completing assignments on a weekly basis, I am maintaining an A- so far. I do not think I am maintaining an A because my creativity is not that great. I did not miss any assignment so far:






What have I learned the most? What is my greatest learned asset in this class so far?

I have learned several useful things from CT 101 so far. Not only course materials, but also life hacks that can be useful for me in the long run as a student. “Digital Storytelling” course made me realize how creating art like GIFs, memes can also be meaningful. While completing the assignments in this class so far, I have had to read articles assigned by Professor Ryan which gave me insights into how GIFs started their journey as internet breakers. I got to know that there are so many people passionately working as GIF and MEME makers by maintaining their own exhibitions. I loved it. It made me realize once again that it’s never the wrong choice to follow your heart and do what you actually want to do with the potential you have. I don’t think I’d ever think so deeply about how GIFs and MEMEs can bring so much into someone’s life if I didn’t enroll in this class, honestly. We only see them as the options to send to a friend and laugh at it together. But I never thought of it this way that there are people out there who are creating and submitting these for us to use and communicate. I think this is the best asset CT 101 has given me so far. I learned to make GIFs and MEMEs on my own, how to decorate blog posts, how to think deeply while answering assignment questions. From the blog posts of my classmates, I have noticed various thinking capacities of each individual. Another important life hacks this class has taught me so far is that, it is equally important to stay mentally healthy to be a successful student. So, all the academic pressure that we all take upon us will result into zero if we cannot stay well both physically and mentally.

What new skills have I developed, cultivated and displayed regularly in my posts?

Professor Ryan taught us the basic skills to organize a meaningful, educative blog post. He taught us skills which I did not have before taking this class. Hyperlinking texts, images, making GIFs, MEMEs. He introduced us to different sites like Photopea.com, Pixabay.com, etc to manipulate images so that they can be used for the purpose of a particular kind of assignment. On my posts I regularly hyperlink texts and images. I use imageries to better express my thoughts and ideas. I keep in mind to maintain an eye-catching format for each of my assignment posts. Being able to use websites like imgur.com and giphy.com has helped me to have fun creating my own GIFs. For every assignment, I think of how can I be creative differently this time. It is difficult for me because I am less of a creative artist and more of a writer. But I read assignment instructions attentively so that I do not miss out on any part.

→Aside from publishing my blog post assignments, how do I assess my participation, commenting, and discussion performance in this class?

I regularly join the weekly zoom class sessions with my camera on. But I rarely comment on my other classmates’ assignment posts. But whenever I do, I make sure I have the time to read their posts attentively and make a relatively useful comment. I am looking forward to continue to do so. While in the zoom class, I answer to Professor Ryan’s questions if I think I know the answer. Before starting to do each week’s assignments, I go back to the zoom tutorial he posts.

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

I have learned the importance of the level of creativity, immediacy, intuition while making an art, or any creative piece. Together, these three elements can help us produce a unique material. I have learned several unknown facts by reading the articles assigned by Professor Ryan. Meme-maker Lauren Kaelin’s project “Benjamemes” sounds like a dream come true for any kind of passionate person towards their work. This class introduced me to various platforms that helps creative people expand and express their creativity. Professor Ryan introduced us to an awesome page named “DS 106 Assignment Repository” that has so many different options and categories to creatively complete different types of storytelling assignments. Platforms like the mmm.page can be great to extend one’s skill to be creative and express their imagination into a visible piece for others to enjoy. 

Do I see my weekly blogging work expanding creatively? If so, please explain how –  or am I stuck in a loop where my posts seem to look the same most of the time, how will I change that?

As I have mentioned before, I am not that much of a creative person in terms of creating arts. Putting my imagination into an empty canvas and call it art will not be my best work because I don’t think I have the great potential to be an artist. I am more of a writer. So, when I look at each of the assignments for this class I have completed so far, I do not see my creativity expanded so much. I am following the instructions, answering all the questions and completing each part of each assignment. My posts do not look the same because each week we are working on different things like GIF, Meme, mmm. page etc.

CT 101 is a great class for every student. Students like me who are not that much creative at least gets to start or learn a journey into the world of images, animations, etc. The format of this class is different and creative than all the other classes. In this class we realize that there is a whole different universe of art. Artists live their lives creating art that not only they love themselves, but they spread their work for others to value it. Internet plays a major role here. Any individual using internet can connect themselves to a piece of art most probably created by someone they do not even know. CT 101 plays a major role by connecting and introducing students to platforms which were unknown to us before joining this class. This form of communication establishment can also be considered as an achievement. 

Digital Art Making Immediacy- Assignment#5 (Sajani Sufian)

I am alive. I have survived every moment on this birth since my birth. Isn’t that amazing? When I think about that for a moment, it actually does feel like a miracle. What a pleasure it is to be alive on this universe! Or is it so? Who knows? I do not know. Living, laughing, loving. Repeat.

Above are the two screenshots of the page one I created as a tour to my daily imagination.

I am a simple girl. I love simplicity. In my imagination I am always in a calm and quiet place where only peace and love can be felt. On my first page, the picture on the center represents me. I close my eyes and remember that I have come so far. I am here for a reason and still breathing for a purpose. I am someone who feels too much and always searching for reasons of everything. I believe live, laugh, love has to be the motto for an ideal life. That makes me title my second page .

On my second page , I created a GIF on how should it feel like to be A-L-I-V-E. We should be looking for reasons to live, opportunities and of course search for happiness. I added a poem on simplicity from YouTube.

Turning my imagination into something creative is the biggest challenge I have ever accepted. It is impossible to visually represent everything we think, everything we imagine, everything that we are. No amount of sources will ever be enough for that. I decided to keep my pages simple, as I am myself.

This mmm.page platform seems like an amazing platform for starting to put our creative abilities into words, images, etc. The options for organizing everything is so helpful. I have worked on my laptop for this assignment. I tried to make use of all the options available on the platform.


I liked the concept of this assignment.

I think I can successfully complete the assignment that I have hyperlinked above.

I am trying to tell a story using a common belief believed by brown parents. Can you guess the story?

I have chosen to complete this assignment above because firstly, I think I have acquired the skills to complete it successfully. Also, this is a digital storytelling course and I thought let’s tell a story by using GIFs.

As I was browsing the two websites, all the assignments seemed interesting and fun to do.  Above, I have completed an assignment I already knew how to do. But I would love to learn how to complete this assignment. It looks really interesting!

I think these skills will be greatly useful for us technology students in future. But as I am new to learning technologies, I am not sure which skills are necessary to complete this assignment successfully. There should be a particular software that we can use. These skills are important to have because we are here to learn communicating using technologies. And I think this should be an useful skill for a Communications Technology student to have how to replace the audio of a music video with different audio.

Never Underestimate The Power of A Meme (Assignment by Sajani Sufian)

Looks like even if you aren’t already in love with pop art, at the end of this semester you’ll be in madly love with it. CT 101 is making me realize that half of the time me and my friends are laughing together online, are by sharing memes, gifs from the internet.

Host from The PBS Idea Channel Mike Rugnetta emphasized that anyone around the world can stay communicated by creating and sharing memes on the internet. Isn’t that awesome? According to this show, British historian R.G Collingwood said that, “Internet memes are the performance of emotion, and not it’s true expression, making meme makers ranters and ravers and not actual artists”. I halfway agree with his perception. According to what I perceive on the internet everyday, meme makers are the different kind of artists who like to share not only their emotions but also other sentiments as well using a funny tone, a humorous tone. This particular group of people tend to express themselves inserting texts through the image of an angry teacher, happy mom, annoying cat, or a joker. 

In the article “Are Memes The New Art Form of The 21st Century?” by Em Mampusti, the same idea was shared. For example, there are thousands of meme creators on the internet like Chloe Caparas who share important societal messages by simply making a meme using their own humor. Personally I think, serious issues can be discussed and brought upon without making it seem so serious. This method actually helps others to realize the depth of the issue more. For example, I found the meme below on the internet and it felt so relatable to me instantly.

What can I say.. I am a positive person and I like to start my day with a motivated mind. Then as always ⊂Life happens!⊃ Everything starts to feel so overwhelming that I’ll literally be dragging myself to complete my tasks. 🙂 

I loved learning about the painter and meme artist Lauren Kaelin on the article “Are memes the pop culture art of our era?” by Kate Knibbs. She’s the living proof that memes can be a form of self-expression. She loves to make memes following her own unique style. She’s so cool and she loves what she does! One of her extraordinary projects is the “Benjamemes” project. She sees a meme from her vision and that turns it into something extraordinary. She worked on a picture of a monkey on which she touched every details of it. It’s amazing how she gives her own work a value by turning it into something how she would like to see it. Everything she makes is unique as she said, “A successful meme is by definition reproducible, shareable, and recognizable. Benjamemes creates an aura where none previously existed”. Her style, perception, ability to see though details makes her memes different from the original. 

Lauren Kaelin isn’t the only person showing her passion, perception by creating memes. There are so many meme artists, gif artists all over the internet who feel comfortable sharing their unique thoughts by creating and sharing memes. On the article “Are Memes The New Art Form of The 21st Century?” by Em Mampusti, we learn about a Singaporean meme maker named Yu Tong Yap. She shared that she has to think of new ideas to make a meme in order to create an impactful message. I think this way someone’s creativity level boosts up as well. Self-expression and creativity work really well together in terms of making memes, gifs. You are making a simple still from a movie into something that you have imagined inside your mind. You are using that image to create something very thoughtful and useful for others.

This is another meme I recently found on Facebook and had to share with my friends. Not only me, this meme is relatable to almost every student out there. As much as we love studying what we chose to study, at times we feel overwhelmed by piles of assignments and want to give up. But I swear, this is not what I am looking like as I am doing this assignment. Honestly, even an hour ago I was stressing out by taking notes on what is required from this particular assignment (the video, the article, the article that I found). But again that’s me, stressing over everything. It was fun creating my first meme ever. And it’s fun doing this assignment, now when every information is sorted. 

The video and articles taught me facts that I never thought existed. We always think people do not think deeply about art as they do about science. We always think people are only serious about serious things like impeaching Trump and “Why there aren’t enough paper towels left on this supermarket?”. Art is a serious matter and many people live by being the cool artists that they are.  So many laughs wouldn’t take place if memes were not made and shared. The article enlightened me with the knowledge that there are passionate and courageous people out there who follow their hearts and never stop believing in the power of a creative meme. Projects like “Benjamemes”, studio artists displaying their arts, etc are brave steps towards a modern, meme-giphy-generated generation to me. On the video, Mike Rugnetta shared quotes from famous historians. We get to know what people like Leo Tolstoy thought about art.


Right, on the first day of CT 101 I thought poor me and my fellow classmates will be sitting in front of our computers and hear Professor Ryan reading out from his “6 page long course syllabus”. Thankfully, he did not provide us with the long listed to-d0 things already for the entire semester! I was surprised there. 

Our Professor’s happy face says it all. This is a class for learning amazing things. On the very first day I knew I am going to enjoy this class. I didn’t show it like the character on the GIF above is showing, but that’s how I was feeling. I get to learn these cool stuffs! This class is different from the courses I have taken so far. I think the main reason is how Professor Ryan gives out all positive vibes and energies about the entire course. It’s very comforting that he assures us it is going to teach us so many things in fun ways. It is a break from the other classes overwhelmed with long syllabuses and researches. 

The first week of a semester is always overwhelming because we need to get to know our professors, what the courses offer, what we must do to successfully pass the courses, etc.  It takes a week or two to feel settled in the classes. On the very first day, we breathed a fresh air because he is a happy professor to teach us happy & fun things. 

Do you by any chance have any doubts that by the end of the semester we’ll  learn several creative contents from CT 101? Do not doubt it. See, now we know how to make GIF’s! (I cannot stop). Each content will take us a step closer to the eagerness to learn more.

I hope at the end of the semester we all pass with good grades! I look forward to be properly skilled and knowledgeable at each content that Professor Ryan will teach us throughout the semester. I want to be able to apply these skills in our next classes. 

As the COO of Giphy Adam Leibsohn said, “The easiest, simplest thing wins“, I found Giphy easier to create my own GIFs. Even though there isn’t much difference between Giphy and Imjur, I automatically felt more comfortable using Giphy because it’s more familiar to us. I really had fun making the GIFs on Giphy. So I made all these by myself, instead of taking any from Giphy or Imjur.

It was interesting learning some facts about how GIF’s became everyone’s favorite starting from the 1990s. It made me recall when was the first time I used a GIF? I couldn’t exactly recall (been only a few years that’s for sure) but I remember having fun with my friends sending GIF’s instead of texts sometimes.

HAIRCARE MAKES ME HAPPY EVERYDAY! (Assignment#1 by Sajani Sufian)

I am a haircare freak. I spend a lot of time researching how to take good care of my hair and grow it longer . I cut my hair by myself at home last year and it became really short. So, I am always looking for more tips and natural ways to grow it longer. Recently something caught my eyes and here it is.

I love how the experts share simple and easy tips to keep our hair healthy naturally. ♥ Anyone can follow this. These tutorials make me happy on the internet. As I am always searching on these tips; now my social media platforms, YouTube homepage is most of the time flooded with haircare video suggestions. It makes me happy hence the internet makes me happy! 〈♥〉

Yes, I feel REALLY good and happy taking care of my hair however it is. 

But as of talking about being patient about it? Not me! I have been extremely impatient about growing my hair longer! Well, I have calmed down a bit now when it’s way longer than before.

As we all get bored at some point with our looks, I made a little change on the front part of my hair. But I DID NOT shorten the length!! I just did the bangs on the front part of my hair following the tutorial above and that’s all. My looks are refreshed and I get to keep my long desired hair length!

Working on the betterment of my hair health always makes me happy. Watching these tutorials, reading articles on what to do to stop hairfall, grow hair longer, etc are the sources that make the internet a fun place for me.

Enjoy my post and the clips that I have attached!