Domain Name Time!

Some potential domain name would have : – This domain is simply my first name with some numbers I see often. This example would have used incorporate the set number of images used on the website. –  This example would have been about things I enjoy as it incorporate my birthday. it would of incorporate activities from the 2000s or favorable moments that changed the world. often website names that are easier to remember are more memorable. this name symbolizes a person that loves rain. I like cloudy and rainy weather. My website would have been filled with pictures of rain and its beauty in NYC. This is a silly word to be and it looks like illicit a silly reaction from people.

My website would have been a fusion of things I enjoy such as taking pics, food that I ate around NYC, memes and nostalgic tv shows I used to watch as a child.








Memes are fantastic for art because it allows for recognition, and deeper perspective to be viewed. Memes highlight art by using reality to form a connection to the art being used.

Memes allows unseen emotions to be display and satisfy the human need for communication and connection.

I tend to procrastinate simple task because I overthink them easily. This usually takes a toll on my overall health.

This is my last semester before getting my diploma so I am trying to remain calm but reality is setting.
As I continue to internally panic about meeting deadline and completing tasks, I will miss the stability it provided as reality kicks in.
Like “Is this a Pigeon” meme I too am often confused, but liking memes serves as a expression of my internal feelings.



Is it Gifs or Jifs?

On my first day of CT 101, I was both perplexed but curious especially since I have never taken a class like this.

I did like hearing about the course and it’s creative content since it’s so present in our everyday lives. However when it came to making the contents ourselves I was a bit skeptical.

So far CT 101 has been a liberating class because compared to my other classes I have creative reign. It is less restricted for sure and focuses on being expressive.
The creative potential of the class feel endless just like in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory when the children look at the endless possibility of candy.
I am so ready to learn about new skills because it helps me to understand the fundamentals that have been vital in creating internet culture.
Both Imgur and Giphy are great platforms to create and use Gifs. However I prefer Imgur because it is much easier to create gifs and the format brings nostalgia when giphy can be overwhelming.


Something that makes me happy on the internet is watching random YouTube videos. There is not one set of content that I enjoy, but rather videos that peak my interest. These especially help to brighten my mood and stimulate my mind. These are some of the videos I watched this week.

Another thing that made me happy on the internet was browsing on social media. This week has been stressful with schoolwork, so mindless browsing  has helped to alleviate some of the stress, and made me laugh.

A final thing that made me happy on the internet was reading reddit posts. My favorite sections are aww, aita, offmychest, and skincare addicts. I like these specific sections because of the different stories, pictures and advice.



Hi everyone my name is Savita and I am currently a senior at York. My major Community Health Education and minor is Public Health. I do not really have a favorite movie but some of my favorite shows are sex in the city, the nanny, and friends. My favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry. In my free time I join shopping, reading and eating new foods.