Something that makes me happy on the internet is watching random YouTube videos. There is not one set of content that I enjoy, but rather videos that peak my interest. These especially help to brighten my mood and stimulate my mind. These are some of the videos I watched this week.

Another thing that made me happy on the internet was browsing on social media. This week has been stressful with schoolwork, so mindless browsing  has helped to alleviate some of the stress, and made me laugh.

A final thing that made me happy on the internet was reading reddit posts. My favorite sections are aww, aita, offmychest, and skincare addicts. I like these specific sections because of the different stories, pictures and advice.


1 thought on “Assignment#1”

  1. Looking good here so far!
    Now that we have mentioned a few things that make us happy on the Internet this week, it is time to expand upon where we can see and find those things, we need some hyperlinks! Be sure to always hyperlink back to the sources where the media and content is that inspires you, or supports your descriptions. For example, you mentioned a few social media spaces, you can hyperlink to those websites in general, and you can also hyperlink to specific posts that you wish to share or discuss.
    The beauty of using wordpress here on CT101 is that we can always update and edit our posts as we practice and learn new skills!
    Let me know when you update this with a few hyperlinks and new content.
    PS – you can find my “how-to tutorials” in the assignment blog posts that I post each week 🙂
    Thank you!

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