Copyright Assignment

Copyright sucks, and many people who want to express there creative freedom have dealt with this issue. Copyright is a way to give credit to the author by fair means without someone else making money off them. However I feel that in todays world copyright is to strict and people who want to remix there own ideas don’t have the creative freedom to do so without it being taken down.

A writer Andy Baio went through copyright issues where he was sued and forced to pay.

Another was an artist called Richard Prince who was in legal trouble for his remix usage he did on a collage of another person.

I think that law around fair use isn’t working. Andy had to pay a ridiculous large sum of money just because he wanted to show tribute to the painting and remix it. In terms of Richard Prince, it was messed up because he took the original painting and remixed it and gave credit. I personally would be honored if someone took my work and remixed it and made it look even nicer.

If I was in charge the way I would change copyright law is to allow the ability for artists to remix there own ideas as long as there not making profits and if they are give credit to the owner and then it won’t be any reason for all these artists getting sued for large amounts. Art is about creative expression not limitations.

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    1. Hello Shaikh,
      I agree copyright laws go too far sometimes. It’s not always that people wish to steal other people’s work, but emphasize their success by creating something new from it!

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