Final Course Reflection Blog Post


The end of this semester, man what an interesting one indeed.

Man.. to recap from the beginning there is so much to say. To begin, when we first got introduced to ct101 commons website

I was honestly nervous because I didn’t know what to expect but it really felt like a social media online forum where we can post our creative ideas. When we started learning about memes that was really fun.

When I heard that in a college course we were making memes I found that hard to believe because why would any course teach that. Since that point on I knew this class was going to be really fun.

Moving away from memes… we were introduced to the

DS106 assignment bank    where it consists of many community submissions of works to do like photo mashups, video edits and even audio assignments. I was assigned to pick one from the photo assignment and I did a cool photo mashup of Dunkin Donuts and Mc Donald’s combined together!

We were then introduced to the concept of vapor waves which was honestly amazing because vapor waves is a true form of art and gives out this amazing aesthetic retro vibe which many celebrities get influenced by today. It is very chill and brings out calm vibes whenever you see any retro gif.

We were then told to create our very own website, being honest I was very nervous because this is something I always wanted to learn how to do but I felt that it was really complicated.

After we signed up for the word press account it was similar to the ct101 website we were already using and so then I started working right away. We created our own domain name and a theme for the type of content we wanted for our site.

this is my website > click here

The website is called SlimShakey because that is the persona I have on youtube and so it would resonate well if it was my own site. This website as you go through it consists of floors like a hotel and each floor you explore has a creepy element. The website is horror theme because I love horror movies and always had a fascination of creepy conspiracy theories and so I included creepy stories, unsolved conspiracies and creepy photos. If your into horror this website is for you. After the class ends I do plan on maintaining this website and expanding it to reddit users because it has many popular horror forums and so people can discover my website.

Overall this class was really fun, it was unfortunate due to COVID I couldn’t take this class in person but the zoom meetings were funny and interactive. I think I deserve an A because I was always on time with my assignments and I had a lot of fun working on the assignments. This class out of my other classes make me feel like I can be myself and do something I love.





Copyright Assignment

Copyright sucks, and many people who want to express there creative freedom have dealt with this issue. Copyright is a way to give credit to the author by fair means without someone else making money off them. However I feel that in todays world copyright is to strict and people who want to remix there own ideas don’t have the creative freedom to do so without it being taken down.

A writer Andy Baio went through copyright issues where he was sued and forced to pay.

Another was an artist called Richard Prince who was in legal trouble for his remix usage he did on a collage of another person.

I think that law around fair use isn’t working. Andy had to pay a ridiculous large sum of money just because he wanted to show tribute to the painting and remix it. In terms of Richard Prince, it was messed up because he took the original painting and remixed it and gave credit. I personally would be honored if someone took my work and remixed it and made it look even nicer.

If I was in charge the way I would change copyright law is to allow the ability for artists to remix there own ideas as long as there not making profits and if they are give credit to the owner and then it won’t be any reason for all these artists getting sued for large amounts. Art is about creative expression not limitations.

VaporWave Thoughts

Today we were introduced to vapor waves!

Vapor waves has pinkish, purple vibrant colors that gives out very calm vibes.  It is a genre of electronic music and futuristic colors arraying all together. I personally love it because it makes a normal photo pop out 10x times.

I will review this vapor wave from a journalist perspective and just admire the vibrant colors that tells a story.

Vapor waves reminds me of a old retro style video game with futuristic coloring.

Vapor waves will definitely be the future and it is trendy and I hope people check out the textures it has along with it. You can’t look away from it without thinking man I wish I can live in a vapor wave world.

Classmate Website Thoughts

I want to start off by saying how incredible everyones website is looking!

I think I have some competition lol, anyways after going through a bunch of websites one that really stood out was

Man, Isaac this is some really good stuff showcasing your drawings. I hope other people find this website and see more of your stuff. I liked your website layout with the social media handles it was nice, clean and easy to follow through.

I might have to take some tips from you to make my website amazing as well!

With my website I hope to bring a horror experience for the audience members and make it big eventually one day!


Mid Semester Reflection

Ah yes.. we have finally reached mid semester. It truly feels like yesterday I joined this class and look at how time flew. I learned so many great things like making memes, gifs, creating various forms of photo editing from

The photo above is my proudest CT 101 meme assignment I made lol.

The photo above is a paranormal encounter happening in a hotel. Your wondering why am I showing you this? Well I created my own domain name which is

This domain that I created talks about creepy conspiracy theories and horror content that I wish to make more in the future for my website.

The biggest thing I knew was that the internet is a creative platform to express yourself and your talent. However I always wanted to know how to make a website, now that I found out how to do it I can use it in the future.

The assignments as a communicator made me express my creative inputs on the topic. Each blog posts I was able to give insight and knowledge and try to make it fun in my own way. I really enjoy this class because it takes away from all the other stressful classes I have and I also learn some valuable tools I can use for my job career.

My biggest skills I can say is that if you give me a task I can be very creative and think outside the box which I hope to showcase in my website

My weakness would typing and coming up with what to say because I have so many thoughts formulated in my head but I can’t type everything I want to express. I believe I have earned a B+ or an A for the Class because I do all the assignments on time and I try my best to be creative and engaging.


Domain Name Process

So I have finally created my domain name!

The winner is

I have decided that since I already have this username for my youtube channel why not make this into a full brand.

I plan on putting content of videos and skits etc showcasing my passion for acting. The process itself was very smooth and I am very excited to finally say I have my own website!

Besides my youtube content, i want to make it scary themed talking about paranormal stuff, conspiracy theories and stuff that people are afraid to discuss. I find the paranormal itself very fascinating because people get a huge adrenaline rush and so I want to create horror themed content!

Internet’s Boy & Domain Name Assignment

Hmm what shall be my domain name?

To be honest I came up with 3 different names that has a personal  meaning behind it.

The first one is slimshakey – this name is an inspiration from my favorite rapper eminem

He goes by the name of SlimShady. However my name is Shaikh but pronounced Shake and so SlimShakey was born back in 2015 the reason I say 2015 is because that is the name I go by on my youtube channel and the persona I want to have. Kind of like this alter ego mixing both personalities, the quiet shy person I am at home and the energetic outgoing person I am outside.

The second is brownprincezuko. Based off Avatar The Last Airbender, Zuko is my favorite character besides Sokka lol. On Instagram that is my username and so I thought mixing myself and him together sounds fun.

The third is slimshakeystudios, I always wanted to create a brand or product with my name so having the word studios makes it sound more legit. I am trying to pursue in acting so having a legit acting portfolio website to showcase my highlights can be nice.

What do y’all think? Comments your thoughts!

Now on to the Internet’s Own Boy Video, this video was very interesting because things like these I am very into. This felt like I was watching a thriller type of documentary. Aaron was a genius and he should be praised, it is just due to unfortunate circumstances what led to his action at the end. The biggest takeaway I got from the video was a quote he said ,”what is the most important thing in the world that I might be working on right now.”

Based on that quote I thought of this photo, There is so much negativity in 2020, we need unity and have to work together to make this world a better place. It starts with us to create change and influence our younger generations for a brighter future.

Hate dies, Love Arrives.


Assignment 4 : DS106 PART 2

We start off going to the DS106 Website!

The assignment I will be doing today is taking a famous person 

and adding a quote that the person never said. I thought It would be pretty

funny and fun to try this from the visual assignment section.

From this photo I took Michael Scott from the office 

saying a famous quote from Spiderman and fusing it together.

For anyone that seen both the show and movie, this quote actually

funny enough makes sense which is why it looks more legit.

I choose this assignment because visual assignments have a massive variety of creative options and since I like making things outside the box I felt that this type of assignment would be best fitting for me. Next time I will try to challenge myself by doing a writing or video assignment!

Assignment 4 DS106 Assignment!

Today I will be working on the DS106 Assignment Bank

Click on the photo above!

In terms of my two selections I picked one visual and one mashup

Here is my visual assignment!

I picked this visual poster because I thought it would be something

cool to do later on in the future. Customizing a current poster and making

it silly always seems like a fun idea.

Next is my mashup assignment!

For this assignment I have picked this because I thought it would

be cool to take two brands and mash them together.

This is the assignment I will be doing!

The photo above is my take on the mashup assignment.

I combined both the McDonald’s slogan I’m loving it with Dunkin Donuts.

I felt that these two slogans go well together and it just seemed fun to do


Assignment 3: Are MEMES Art?

Are Memes Art? Hmmmm

Absolutely, memes are indeed art. Memes are a way

for the person to truly express themselves and show there creativity

towards a certain topic and it is here to stay!

Among us is a free mobile/PC game that just came out.

It is pretty much mafia but in space and you have to find the killer

Here some memes from this game that is trending everywhere, it’s  hilarious!

Here is a youtube video from my channel playing among us with my friends!

Now besides Among Us here is a classic meme!

Lebron’s face and frustration towards JR Smith taking the ball to the opposite direction. No one really know what was going on inside this man’s head costing the championship game (click here)

Okay geez… I get it.. your waiting for my CT 101 meme

here you go!

Assignment 2- GIFS!

The first day of CT 101 was beyond my expectations. It was really fun and I was very intrigued on learning the content of Digital storytelling. When we were introduced by the website it looked quite appealing.

When we were told to sign up and make weekly blog posts on this strange new website that’s when I got nervous because I don’t have any experience in digital storytelling what so ever.

However things got much simple when we got to know Professor Ryan and seeing how chill he was and how easy the website was. I was able to easily sign up and make my first blog post.

Compared to my other classes this has to be hands down the most interactive class as of yet. When I heard no exams I was a happy man. Finally a class where I can just be creative and forget about studying for exams in which I probably won’t use in the future.

Internet Happiness – Assignment 1

When it comes to the word internet happiness. Youtube has to be the place for me. I have always had a passion to be a Youtuber and I still do plan on becoming one. Besides acting, youtube is a place where I can put whatever content I want. I mostly do skits, gaming videos, vlogs and reactions.

Here is my channel: click here

My greatest skit I ever did was a series called PSYCHO where me and a bunch of friends found an abandoned train station and filmed it there:

I believe for any upcoming youtuber the hardest is to reach 1,000 subscribers but once you reach it your smooth sailing from there!

For any other youtubers out there keep uploading and be consistent and hopefully I can see you there at the top!

Biggest goal is to reach 1 million subscribers and I plan on to one day