Copyright Assignment


“Among our children their is a growing copyright abolitionism”

I chose this quote because this is a quote describing my generation, who  supposedly neglect copyright. Even though it is common for younger individuals to be against it in reposting vines, tik toks & Facebook content without tagging the content creator, I fully support it. I think copyright should be appropriately accepted because its purpose is to acknowledge creators and their work. Their work can serve as inspiration to others, but in the end, it is not there to be taken from them without due credit. 

  1. What is copyright?

Copyright gives owners the right to their intellectual or creative property. They are the only one that can take credit for that work and make changes to their work. 

2.Why is there copyright? 

The purpose of copyright is to protect authors and their work while allowing others to benefit from their work. Normally protecting literally, and artistic work. 

3.How much should users of the web think about copyright as you and others share, re-share, and remix content on the web?

Users should think about it a lot, especially since it is a law. Many schools and jobs have very strict copyright rules to help individuals to follow proper copyright rules. 

4.What is fair use? 

…eh eh em with a legal exception Marge

Fair use allows individuals under certain circumstances to use verbatim of an individual’s work without payment or permission from the copyright holder. Instances like teaching, journalism, criticism, and research.