Copyright or Wrong?

My Take On Copyrighting

After watching the ted talk with Larry Lessig, and after much consideration I find that the copyright rule is much needed for the internet. Especially this day in age, where we have so many people who can get so comfortable in ripping off other people’s ideas and creations. There is no fair justice in lying and taking credit for something that was not yours to begin with.

As technology has become so diverse and advanced over the years, we as human can’t help but to evolve right along with it. And that’s what’s supposed to happen, but can our so called culture be tainted by the minds and plans of those who want to much power? People who are so driven by pride that they can drag a whole generation into a pit of darkness? It sounds morbid, but yes, it’s true.

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Larry Lessig made some very compelling points in this ted talk, words and  ideas that need to be told to the public about the world’s past history with developing technology. At the beginning of the ted talk video, Lessig mentions a man by the name of John Philip Sousa who was nonetheless, a man of true essence and culture. And rightfully so, but I did disagree with his thoughts on technology not developing. He implied that these “infernal machines” would do us no good.

In a way, he was wrong, but he was also right; Lessig goes on to say that the culture went on from a “read-write” to “read-only” existence. To me that meant that half of the time we only read something just to read it, but when is the last time somebody took account for what they have read? Or done research, and developed more on what they’ve learned? And it’s at that point that the copyrighting rule, though not always fair, it’s a rule that’s needed, especially for this generation. Especially when people don’t take the time to really dive into what they’re reading or learning. To understand and take account for what you learn is the greatest venture of them all. Truly looking past the words that lie in front of you, is the most important thing.

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