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Becoming a social media influencer

Over the course of Quarantine, I have been trying to boost my social media presence on all platforms. From Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, BIGO, YouTube, BandLab and SoundCloud. And I came to realize very quickly, that it is not an easy task, with school starting back I had to learn how to manage my time better, in order to balance work and fun.

Becoming an influencer is all about confidence, when you gain the confidence, you can then inspire others to become influencers themselves. For me, I love to inspire people through performing arts of all kinds, whether it be dancing, singing, acting, the list goes on and on. The most important thing in all of this, is to block out the negativity. There will always be someone who will try to knocking you down when your moving up. Don’t give the haters any power over you, work hard and rise above and be better.

Always remember that the biggest and most greatest accomplishment in being on social media is having confidence and inspiring others with your message. If you’re willing to put yourself out there, regardless of how the world will react then you’re ready. And never let anyone dim your light in this world, there is no greater star in the sky than you.

What Makes Me Happy On The Internet

The Family Project

The Family Project is a very funny YouTube channel that has been active for about 3 or 5 years now. Over the course of the quarantine I have been watching their videos everyday, and let me tell you the comedy is off the charts. What I like most about The Family Project is that their energy is contagious and so genuine.

It has become almost rare that YouTubers fully put their hearts into making videos anymore. But The Family Project has created a platform of infinite possibilities, not just for themselves, but for all their followers. Being a social media influencer is not an easy job, you have to stay current with the trends and keep your fan base entertained. And every time I tune in to The Family Project they never fail to make me laugh or feel their vibrant energy.

Being a YouTuber myself, I have learned a lot from watching their videos and following their social media pages. The most important things to remember are to have fun, make connections, be professional and make sure to keep your content relevant. Some people may not agree, but social media can bring people together and maybe even make the world a better place. It may sound cheesy, but you’ll be surprised when making a couple videos expands into an entire empire influencing others.

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