CT 101- Assignment #4

Shalanda Roches

CT 101  

Assignment 4


Two projects that I think I would like to do are on this site https://assignments.ds106.us/types/visualassignments/ and these projects are called “Big Eyes” and “Name This Flower”.


Project #1: The project named “Name This Flower” is about naming the flower by what kind of flower you think it is. Then afterwards you search up on the internet and find the actual name of the flower and then put its name. I chose this assignment because I love the look of flowers, and I think they are very eye-catching.

Hyperlink: https://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/name-this-flower/

Project #2: The project named “Big Eyes” is about making the eyes in a picture two times bigger. I chose this assignment because I thought it was unique and I thought it would be quite easy to accomplish. 

Hyperlink: https://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/big-eyes/

I need to learn to do these projects because they are techniques that I can take with me into my future courses. I can use these techniques in an art course or even another CT course. I should be doing a lot of these projects during this semester so that I can fully grasp and better  understand how to do it on my own. By learning how to do these projects I can develop new skills that will help me. These skills are important because I can use them outside of this course too. These skills are important because they can be used universally and not just within this course.


STEP 1: First I went on the CT101 site and checked out what assignment it was that I had to do under my course schedule. 

STEP 2: I then logged onto the DS106 Assignment Repository website to begin finding what assignments I was going to choose. 

Link: https://assignments.ds106.us/

STEP 3: I then figured out what assignments I was going to use, which were the “Name This Flower” project and the “Big Eyes” project.  


STEP 4: I then chose the assignment I was going to do which was the “Name This Flower” assignment. 

STEP 5: I thought that the flowers in the picture were sunflowers. 

STEP 6: I then looked up the name of the flower and found out that they were called Golden Tickseed flowers.

STEP 7: I put a picture of the flower along with its proper name.

Flower Name: Golden Tickseed


1 thought on “CT 101- Assignment #4”

  1. So far so good on this!
    The ds106 repository is really great!
    I like how you are breaking it all down into a tutorial and adding images along the way.
    However, I think this would look better if you took “screenshots” using the a keyboard short cut – rather than using your phone to take a picture of the screen – you can do a quick google search for “how to take a screenshot on a pc” and several ways to do this will show up. This is a helpful trick.
    I also think that you could add a bit more to the over description of the completed assignment, the the second assignment that you would like to do and an overall expression of the ds106 assignment bank.
    Thank you! Forward we go 🙂

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