CT 101 Final Blog Post/Ilvea Lezama

Let me start off by saying this semester flew by … Just last month we were writing our mid-semester review and now here we are writing our final post…

**Fake cries in Spanish**

What have I learned in CT101 … the question should be what haven’t I learned. I BUILT my own website, I am have created my own domain, I have created giphys, I have taken background out of pictures, used DS106 (I found it confusing in the beginning). So many tangible things obtained in throughout the semester, is amazing. Because of the dedication I have put into my work week by week, because I been present in every class (late! but present), because I am a curious child of the universe and I ask endless questions … I believe I deserve an A+ and my work and drive are here to back up my statement.

I know I mentioned it earlier but I CREATED MY OWN WEBSITE. I just keep adding on skills to my resume and honestly I am scared … I am scared I’ll be the next Steve Jobs and take over the world. It would be too much for the world so I am going to be considerate and take it easy, I don’t want the world to worry about this amazing force to be reckoned with (ME). I am a Gemini, I carry that Kanye energy with me … sometimes you have to because if you don’t carry that confidence who is going to carry it for you.

I am so vocal about my achievements that once I even created my domain, I bragged about it with all my family and friends. I enjoyed pretty much everything we did because I am a curious person, everything and anything I could learn is an add-in skill for me. I am planning to work more in depth on my website over the summer. I want it to be like me … open to all options. I don’t want it to have a specific theme, I want it to be about wellness but also post some of my poems, writing pieces, photos, funny videos and just anything that comes to mind.

I had a vision for my website but unfortunately, I couldn’t make it happen. I have a PC at home and if you’re going to open my website with a PC you might encounter the same problem. The photos are not visible, and my website does not look as appealing as I would have loved it to be. I had the opportunity to work a bit on it thanks to my sister’s tablet. WordPress has something against PC’s and not Apple computers. I am hurt. Steve Jobs will always be a genius, nothing but respect for the man. but I mean come on! what did PC’s ever do to WordPress that I can’t access my website (fully) 🙁

I had a vision of having this Namaste website, very welcoming, peaceful type of site. I took some screenshots with my sister’s tablet of what I have so far, throughout the summer I will take my time to work on it thoroughly, hopefully by then WordPress has forgotten we ever had any sort of beef and it lets me work freely on my vision. I been frustrated since last weekend trying to work the site … and I am over it, right now! I need a break …

See photos below for what my website looks like … Namaste! I think I am the most excited to post my poems and pieces I have written. In the summer I make it a goal to read about 3/4 books but this summer I will be adding to work on my website. Here is InamasteWellness.com

Even the quality of the screen shots are trash. I don’t know if you guys can tell but I am overly upset over encountering this problem, I know it is not the end of the world but I wanted to deliver a great website, I wanted to give a tour of such on Tuesday 5/23 but I will not, I am not pleased at all with how it looks. I hope all of ya’ll had a better outcome than mine. I can’t wait to read ya’ll post and watch ya’ll videos of the websites tour.
P.S. Professor Ryan, thank you for a wonderful semester full of learning life lasting skills.




1 thought on “CT 101 Final Blog Post/Ilvea Lezama”

  1. Wonderful!!
    Well done!
    Thank you so much for the super fun (yes, your humor and energy translates directly through your written words!) final post and recap of your learning time here in the CT101 Universe, which is an alternative universe of creative spiritual atune-ment! 🙂
    I am always so happy to read and feel the happiness of my students when they are proud of their of achievements and accomplishments! Yes, you created a great website, from scratch! You hade to make many decisions directly inside of the process, you had to troubleshoot through things as the websites’s system admin as well as the front end designer and author of the website. Plus, you had to contribute to the CT101 website and maintain your course work there too. You made it look easy!
    Thank you so much for your hard work and total commitment to the class and coursework!
    Have a wonderful summer! Thank you for the kind words!

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