CT101 assignment of #11



For the panorama storytelling assignment, I along with my friend Andrew went to Washington Square Park and well there we have been sick pictures of a path along with some water and really captured the view This has been my first ever time doing something like this so I really took this assignment as an opportunity to explore Uncharted Territory and I found it to be extremely informative and overall I’m just an interesting process having to work with someone else to capture photos and pictures as I had not had a steady hand and could not maintain New Balance for the actual shots so my friend was very helpful in this aspect of the activity Following the steps from the tutorial As well as some advice from my friend I had a panoramic shot that although it wasn’t necessarily perfect I was proud of it because it was something that I had I’ve been a part of after finishing it was really happy with the way. the picture came out in the and it was a very interactive assignment that allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and explored and be exposed to the environment and be able to take that and make it into something unique I thought was fun and cool and overall enjoy the assignment.