CT101 assignments #10

My website chockholdpodcastpodcast.com is based on my podcast of the same name that started in 2016 a long way my co-host Derrick and I brought a unique and interesting content The world of pro wrestling on a weekly basis covering weekly shows pay per views and Live Events while also working closely with independent wrestlers and various promotions to help gain an Insider perspective on the business and presented to fans at large we mainly broadcasted on Facebook and podbean.com which is another podcasting website and while I am currently working on new content for my website I also have archived episodes from the past that I have on the shows the Facebook page hours of contents from over the past 5 years As I look forward to growing the podcast and reaching new audiences and using this website as a new vehicle to help me better connect with my audience and vice versa I also hope that my website can be a place where people can interact and converse about the topic of professional wrestling In an interesting safe and interactive manner