CT101 Final and 13th post.


CT101 Final and 13th post

The things that I have learned in this class are a lot, from making a website to getting a domain and the us of gifts. One the first thing that I learned were the uses and different tools that the CT101 website can give you, in order to make you blog posts. Something that I learned is the method that I almost never used prior to entering to the class its the use of Hyperlinks and Gifs  to tell my stories and give context to people. Never before I have personally thought about creating or designing a website, however in CT101 I learned how to make one with the use of WordPress  with my own domain, which is a term(Domain) that I never use or truly understood prior to entering the class, however I do believe that I could improve on designing my website. 360 degree photos is one of the best/favorite things that I learned in this class, since I was quite used to see it on places like google maps but never truly dig into how is it done, but thanks to professor Ryan Seslow  I finally learn how is done through your phone.

I personally believe that deserve a grade of A-B, since I have 13 assignments/blog post publish(this one counted) and 18 comments, plus my website and domain completed and submitted.

I will probably apply these new skills in the real world on my assignments from others classes, for example hyperlinking terms to their meanings and sources, and adding some of the images related to their own specific topic, another example of me using the skills that I learned, will be creating a website for a company or someone that might require me to do as a job, and the last new skill learned that I could potential, use will be the 360 panorama if I want to do a project and they require me to have picture on it, I will probably do a 360 panorama in order to show a better view of a place.

The reason why I will not keep my domain is pretty simple, its because I think its a great name (RealEstateAtGreatRates) for a domain and for a company therefore, I will let it go since I believe that at some point or another, someone will likely pick that name for their company and website online.

My first frustration on my website was by using the twenty-twenty-two template, since it was super confusing and sometimes I couldn’t find some of the features that I wanted to use for my website, therefore I decided to change it to twenty-twenty template which became easier for me to use.  my successes were quite a few after I changed templates, for example I manage to create blog post that didn’t need to be click in order to see them, I had a search bar which I didn’t had, I could finally add pages on my top panel for me to add an Contact me and an About me.


Inside of my website there is a good variety of blog post and pages where you can find information and recommendations to get into real estate, one of these pages being my key aspect page where I discuss the different and important aspects of a house.

Another page/section inside of my website that I have created is The best websites to look into houses on., the list of websites, that can help you with to find the right place to find your right house, this list has 20 different websites listed and hyperlinked for you to look into their description and what kind of feature do they have, since different people have different preference when it comes to what they want I offered a good amount of variety to the list so you can find the website which is the best suited for you. 

Housing prices across the states is a section that looks into the differences prices throughout different states throughout the country, and measure the prices through the median house price and its monthly mortgage per each state, for example the highest median price was found on the state of 155,800 which can be consider “cheap” at a national level.

and of course I added a Contact me and an About me so visitor can know who am I and if they ever wanted reach to me, my contact me contains my yorkmail.

Link to my website: RealEstateAtGreatRates.


3 thoughts on “CT101 Final and 13th post.”

  1. Great work on this, Angel!
    Great work across all CT101 criteria this semester!
    You have summed things up very clearly and fluidly in this post.
    You have illustrated and linked to all of the work that you have completed, and completed really well!
    Your website is looking great and I like how you broke it down here.
    Thank you so much for the hard work and commitment to our class!
    You rocked it! An A has been well deserved here sir!
    Thank you!

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