CT101 Final Blog Post/Atta Saad

Assignments, tests, engagement with the lesson, and other standards established by the teacher are frequently used to calculate grades. relies on how well I perform personally.
The grade I may receive will depend on how well I comprehended the subject matter topic and how well I completed the required tasks.

Being in CT101 with Prof. Seslow and my fellow students was a delight. I’ve learned from this course that students have imaginative ideas that they may display through enjoyable tasks from this course.

I have appreciated the opportunity to express my imagination by posting regular blogs in this course. Also, I liked the way we could talk about and analyze our own emotions. I’ve learned how to grow more imaginative as well as organize my schedule by completing all of these activities.Digital storytelling is the art of delivering a tale utilizing a variety of media elements, including images, audio, and video. I can develop my interpersonal abilities and successfully present my ideas and tales in a fascinating way by understanding the fundamentals of digital storytelling.

I can convey my true imagination using the blogs I write has been enhanced by this class. I think it’s a benefit that Professor Seslow remains flexible with the submission deadlines for every post since it will encourage us to be more mindful of the timing of our tasks.

It was an excellent experience utilizing Reclaiming Hosting to build my WordPress website, and I now have my website. jesushelpforever7  I establish the objectives and reason for my website and
Choose my target audience and take into account their needs and interests. and create a plan for your website’s structure and organization, including the pages and navigation.

I choose a website design and layout that complements my objectives and design tastes. Additionally, I can organize and create pages like home, about, and contact by customizing the design with logos, photographs, colors, and text.

my following 2 immage together for my website but i coud not take one screen immage.

my home page consists of an image of the Lord Jesus Christ and includes a pages for About, contact me. Home
also, i enclosed three post

Also i incloudes Screen video recording

Skills in digital storytelling are useful across many industries. The abilities that I learned in this course can be used to develop compelling displays, advertising efforts, learning resources, or personal endeavors whether I work in advertising, teaching , or  just interested in personal storytelling.

1 thought on “CT101 Final Blog Post/Atta Saad”

  1. Thank you, Sir!
    It was a fun semester, and it went by too fast, as always.
    Thank you for your commitment to our class and the course work.
    You have completed great work and it was a pleasure to see your skills grow and expand each week and we dug into new territory!
    The creative learning process is endless! It is full of wonder and perpetual discovery!
    Keep going! The creative “muscle” needs to be exercised regularly, so we must practice. Practice means being a little bit better than we were the week before, focus on the quality, not the quantity!
    Your website look great and Im glad I could help trouble shoot through it with you.
    We both learned a lot from the process!
    Have a great summer!

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