Customizing My Website

I have been working really hard on putting together what I had envisioned for my website. It’s a lot more difficult than I expected, and things aren’t really going my way but I’m going to keep pushing! For my website design I took inspiration from Solange’s website. I wanted my website to mainly consist of brown tones, and neutral colors.
I played around with quite a few themes until I found one that best suited what I was looking for. The colors are a big part of the website for me so I mostly focused on that more than anything else. I also made my own logo for the website using Photopea which was a lot easier and smoother than I thought it would be.

2 thoughts on “Customizing My Website”

  1. I love how you chose a color palette thats different and stuck to neutrals. I see you used Photopea to create a design of your own which is perfect since this is your own website. I can’t wait to see what your website will look like once you continue adding more content.

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