Customizing My Website

Excited to have my own website! Pretty overwhelming! 😃

I was able to successfully register my domain name and set up my WordPress website.  Wow, I never thought about having my own website.  Pretty exciting! 😃

Watching Professor Seslow’s video, I was able to play around with the WordPress settings and add some customization.  So far I’ve changed the background color on my website, added a plug-in, played around with the primary and secondary page settings, and more.  The challenge for me is, I haven’t decided exactly what I want to use my new page for…I’m at a loss…it’s frustrating. 😩

Me at a loss…frustrated! 😩

I think for now, I’m just going to use my new WordPress website for school purposes.  I’ve used it so far for my journalism class to write articles, and I’ll be using it for CT 101 projects.  Maybe in the next few weeks or so something will spark an idea what to use my website for beyond school.  Fingers crossed! 😳

Me with fingers crossed…hoping an idea is sparked for my new website. 😳


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  1. Hey James! I know it’s pretty tough to figure out what exactly you want your website to be about but I think you’ve got a pretty good concept figured out and well a site to post your work on. Good luck with the rest of your customizations.

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