Domain registration & Web hosting set up!

Its a breeeeeeeze,

I’m still trailing behind on past work, but the good thing is Professor Seslow Records class sessions. Setting up my website and getting everything together has honestly been a cakewalk because of it. Im able to go back and replay anything if i had any issues. This is great while many other professors i’ve sadly previously taken do not record class sessions for privacy it puts a strain on other students who need help.
The hardest thing i incurred was 2 things:

Again picking a domain name; i spent an estimated 30 minutes contemplating if i had any other better ideas

And lastly customizing the websites background color, i spent around 15 minutes going through color options.
I know i know, i could always go back and pick a different color but I want my website to be the best thing from the jump.


One thing that i should remind students is by adding meta to widgets its much more simple to login to your website from the front end, just FYI if anyone wanted to do that.

Anywho, this was my experience setting up, nothing crazy! Thanks for reading!

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