Did Someone Say Digital Storytelling as a Course?!

I did not choose this course; the course chose me, and I almost missed it!

In planning and registering for classes, my main goal is always to compile 5 classes in one to two days of class per week instead of having classes all week. It gives me more mental space. After realizing that one of my elective courses needed to be dropped, I spent hours seeking a course that would remotely interest me and teach me something of actual use, and now, here we are.

My initial expectations of this course lead me to imagine myself becoming an internet magician, and so far, it is still how I feel.

I have been creating, that is: drawing, writing, mixing, dreaming, and envisioning since I can remember, but with the progress and changes happening in our time, especially in matters relating the internet, I have discovered some insecurities and have also found myself doubting if I can survive or keep up with it all. This course, I truly believe will help me assert myself optimistically.

During our class’ introduction, I knew I made the right choice. In between professor Seslow’s warm welcome, and the discussion of the course’s description, expectations, and goals, I knew this course was worth committing to.

In comparison to my other class?

Although I do appreciate my other courses, most of their dynamic is lacking. I can understand that after X number of years, teaching just becomes a part of a professor’s routine and/or lifestyle, however, as the world is changing, so should one’s desire to evolve and find new ways to motivate and stimulate.

Potential is essential and time is unforgiving. I see this course as a gateway to internet unity and equality. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your “tale of woe” might be, we all have something to say and what’s to be said is important.

Welcome all,
to Digital Storytelling, where you are valid and heard.

3 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Digital Storytelling as a Course?!”

  1. Hey Bazan, I can definitely relate to this. Out of the hundreds of courses available to use as a schedule filler, we stumbled upon CT-101. I think this class chose me too. I agree with the fact that the dynamic is much different than other classes, in a good way. We get to learn skills that we can readily apply. The potential to even monetize these skills is endless. Thank you for sharing this. As you said, this course is definitely a game changer.

  2. Wonderful post! Thank you so much! I love hearing about your experience and how “the course found you”! Much more to come, and yes, prof’s always need to keep up with the times, there is nothing more boring than a class with out enthusiasm and energy flowing from it! We need to set that tone 🙂

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