Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility

While searching for my first project I was pleased to see the diversity provided throughout the DS106 catalog of assignments. I scouted the page for anything that caught my eye and I came across a “Create a commercial” assignment.


Although it seemed daunting and time consuming I decided to dedicate my  time into making something unique that I consider important.  My commercial is a retro take on a revolutionary piece of technology being developed by Elon Musk. This technology is called Neural link and it is involved in brain mapping and implantable brain–machine interfaces. This technology truly has the ability to change our world which drew me to making a satirical video for it.


The process of rendering a video was very frustrating because I ran into many crashes in my program and had to do a lot of trouble shooting for it to finally create the final product.


My second project I chose from the daily create was the “What’s in your toast” image creation.

I decided to choose this project because I had a spark of inspiration to make a “stress” toast. I think it’s very symbolic of where we are in life right now. It’s a form of coping that you can insert any issues you’re dealing with into. Here’s my toast…

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