Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility Assignment

While I was on the DS106 Assignment Repository, I chose visual assignments because I’ve always liked those. When trying to pick which assignment to do, I couldn’t decide. It took me a while to find and decide which one I liked best and felt like I could do. When I finally decided, I choose Pop Star Out of Place.

However, I didn’t pick a Pop Star because I had a different picture in mind. Firstly I opened up Photopea to create my assignment. Secondly, I opened Pixabay to find a good quality picture of a river. Once finding the perfect one I opened it on Photopea.

For my “Pop Star” I selected two characters from one of my favorite shows, Friends. Joey and Chandler have so many funny moments in Friends that it was hard to pick. I found an image that goes well with this background. The only problem was that the image I picked wasn’t really transparent.

I knew I had to use the Magic Wand or Magic Cut to fix this. I took a while to crop out the white and grey but this is how my final result turned out…

The techniques I learned while creating this can be very useful for my future assignments. I can even tell a whole story using the same methods. I do hope to better my skills at editing such images so they can look more realistic. Both Photopea and Pixabay were easy and fun to use to create this. If I were to do another one, I would’ve chosen a different assignment to experiment more. Another assignment that stood out to me and that I want to try was Word Cloud.

Word Cloud was harder to work with and I kept having difficulties trying to open it up. However this was one of the first that caught my eye and I’m still        going to try it soon 🙂






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  1. Hello Cindy!
    I thought you did an awesome job with this assignment. Your pop star selection was perfect! They align so well with your background. (PS: Who doesn’t love Friends!)
    Great job!

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