do-NAME (see what I did there :)

When it comes to assignments like these, I like to take my time and brainstorm but I decided to switch up my process a little. I want my domain names to come to me naturally so here it goes…

I think these names would be good examples for the website I am going to build because I want my site to be as open and genuine as possible where 100% self-expression is the only requirement. By definition, food for thought means “something that warrants serious consideration.” On my site, everyone will be able to share their food for thought and those overbearing thoughts we are victims of from time to time-hence the name over thinkers anonymous. Not everything will be on the dark side because I believe balance is key. There will most definitely be space for positive emotions as well as one’s imagination to roam free whatever it may be and lead to. I hope that viewers/users will find comfort in this site. There will be posts regarding literature, movies, comfort foods/recipes, and art of all kinds.  I am aware that my site will not suit everyone’s personality/“aesthetic” but I am hoping it appeals to at least a few. 

I would want my site to be similar to the concept of both Instagram and Pinterest because these are my two favorite platforms by far which I have mentioned in previous blog posts. I think a combination of these two sites would be great because they are very self-explanatory and user-friendly. In addition, clicking on one piece of content will lead you to related content that was not on your home page. Although my site is heavily influenced by Instagram and Pinterest, I would also like a dash of Quora in there. Quora is a social media platform with its sole purpose being Q&A. Personally, I love Quora because there is literally no judgment on that site. All kinds of questions are asked in which multiple answers are given and I think that that is great. 

Phew. Website owner. This is big. As much as I am worried, I am equally or even more excited because I feel like I haven’t really been able to express myself the way I wanted to until taking this course. In-person I am not a chatty person and never really get to discuss things that I would like to. With this website, I am allowed to do all of that and even more! The only reason I find myself worried is the whole technology aspect of it. I tend to get frustrated with technology easily when things do not work and I am unable to solve the problem. But I don’t think this will shake my excitement because Professor Seslow is here for assistance which never fails! 



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  1. I like the name I agree it’s hard to not be an overthinker. I overthink mostly everything I do but sometimes it’s easier to go with the flow. I also like the use of colored font very creative. 👍

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