Domain Name Idea :) W7-P1

Have you heard about Forex? Probably have, this year out of all many people have been interest in investing so I believe you the reader has read something regarding Forex or and the Stock Market but my interest is mainly in Forex.

Since my interest and actual study has been in Forex (the Foreign Exchange Market) I would like to make my website about it, not to sell anything like many people do, but just to have information, information that might interest you and make you do your own study in it for your future.

So since I want my website to be informative regarding Forex, I need a good name for it. So I came up with this one:  FXLearnersWay

FX: Forex (Foreign Exchange Market)

Learners Way: Simply that lol, just someone like you who might want to try to learn something new in which I want to provide a way.

Or if not that one then FXStartersPoint

I’m actually pumped about this project, I’ve made websites before but for others, never for myself, so I’m quite curious where my imagination will take my creation to. But I’m mainly excited to help others learn new things and maybe provide a starting point of study in a new thing. I am nervous though on my projection of the information, I want to be accurate and simple when I provide information, but for Forex it can be a bit tricky with some terms. Either way, I’m happy that this opportunity is being given to us!

Some websites that are my favourite:

NY Times is favourite website to get an outlook of all types of news, from local to state to economy.

This website is one of my favourites to step back in to the past and keep the basics in the subject of the Foreign Exchange Market.

For the Youtube Link it’s just youtube, you can learn a lot from others by simply typing the subject or and anything really, there’s a lot of great people who share their knowledge in creative ways.