Final Blog Post/Jeffrey Morales

It’s been a hell of a ride this semester, stress and anxiety surged for me the most this year, but you know what made things easier, breathable? This course, CT 101 with the amazing Professor Ryan!

I am extremely thankful for such an amazing professor who set up the class in a way in which we are able to breathe, in a way in which we are able to space out our work on different dates and you know what? It helped reduce my stress and anxiety for school. Recorded zoom meetings help. Fast communication helps and Ryan was quick to respond to my email, thank you! I believe this is a prime way different courses should be set up but hey. 1 thing I learned was that great professors do really exist.

Moving forward, I was content that we were able to learn on the usage on gifs, on how they benefit a conversation because gifs are eye catching! I now use them in all my conversations with friends and peers!

The human was the randos trying to get my wordpress account and the bear was my countermeasures blocking all false Ips, I learned a thing or two with passwords and security settings from the making of my website.

I also learned how to better make a website using different images that attract a persona:

My website was designed to help people understand what FOREX is, just information on different terms, languages, images, how to see graphs, and much more!

Bull &  Bear, the Exchange Market, FX, visit my site to learn more on what they mean:

As you scroll you stumble upon more information, feel free to press on the read more on these sections to gain more knowledge and information.

This took me some time really, to link the read more to another page, I was not using to it using wordpress but with the help of the zoom meetings I was able to adapt easier and to act. If anything I learned how to make my own personal website, using my own creative mind to design something for myself to share to others, this being information.

Not only that, I learned to blog in this class, and introduce my blogs to my website, recently I shared some information of the stimulus package, the more you know 😀

I did not add social media because FX has a bad rap on social, if I see that many people are visiting my site I will then add a social media for the site because it will known to people that the site is not a scam.

I was also able to share my favorite genre of music, although in class we learned it as Vaporwave which is an art form of the genre, I was able to share Synthwave and Retro Music, take a listen to this on your free time;

I also was able to put another video in website in the footer, for you listen and read.

Now, grades…

I think my grade should be an A-, I did my very best to complete all the designated tasks but I’m human, so things slip by you know, in all my post I did my very best to make it fun and easy to read, for my website I also made it fun and easy to read, I’m also making sure its tablet/phone readable, that’s why there is no sidebar, just the footer with the many things 😀

Yes. I will continue to work on the website, there are some sections that have been noted that will be updated later next week, work and holiday are time consuming but I want to continue to provide more info in my website in regards of FOREX. Now that I know how to be more creative with a website I will be implementing them in my other sites that I make.

But just like that the year is done, the semester is finished and this is my last post here. It’s been an honor to be in the presence of such great creative people like you all! I’ve visited many sites and i’ve been like wow, just great work everyone. All posts see here are eye catching because I believe we have all learned to use Gifs very well. Thank you Ryan for the awesome class experience! With that, I yield my time, and wish you all happy holidays and a great New Year in advance! Take care all!


Week 9,10,11 Website Work/ Inspirations/ideas & Information

Hey there, this is gonna be a transitional post that shows and explains what changed in my website during week 9, 10 and 11, it will also explain what is inspiring me to make this website like ideas that help me to grow the site.

Let’s start off with an issue:

It’s been tough when other unknown people from around the world are trying to gain access to my account, this started mid week 9, and continued till last week, every night I would get emails regarding this, in total I have at least 40 emails indicating a new ip trying to access my work, I don’t even know why but I am glad it stopped.

That’s more or less the only issue lol. Now with the good stuff:

I chose the recommended Twenty Seventeen option, I found it better for smoother transitions. I changed it later that same week.

You scroll down and see:

The basic website front page of the website now have more vibrant colors. I did this because vibrant colors tend to attract the eye. With the help of week 10s zoom, I was able to create a footer with different things, I chose a footer over a sidebar because the way I want to set up the site is to make smoother to scroll down on the phone, tablet and computer and for the viewer to just see the main information displayed. This is the current footer;

The music video is a form of new-retro wave music, funny how a while after the Vaporwave assignment was given, I’m a big fan of the style projected by vaporwave images. The music video itself can be played during the viewing of the site when reading information, I learned to do this during week 10s zoom recording. Thank you Ryan for providing the zoom recordings!

Also here’s the link to the music video;

Moving forward I was also able to learn on how to edit different pages of my website such as my “About” section, I changed the heading to “About This Site”, so from looking like this;

To making it look like this:

Cool right? Thank you Ryan for showing us about It really had a lot of pictures that fit well with my site.

Also the zoom from these weeks helped me to create the appropriate link connections by pressing on something, such as pressing on the read more button. Example below>

So with the help of the zoom recordings I was able to understand how to create the connection of the read more because I was kinda lost of how to do it lol, I’m used to different forms of how to do this on different places like Wix, although similar I was glad to learn how to do it in wordpress.

I am updating my blog section today just need to playback some of the zoom recordings again.

Also, you might see no link to a social media outlet on the site, why? Well FOREX in many social media sites are sometimes scam sites and with the bad rap a social media account for this website is perhaps not appropriate, for now, if I realize many people checking the site I will make a social media and link it within the site, only time will tell on that. I might put in my personal social media line too if I get emails with more questions asking who I am and stuff.

I just want to throw out that the things during those weeks and still current weeks that inspired my continuation on the website was the temperature of our economical status as a country, the idea of this site is just to learn of a form of investment that if you truly gain interest you can do your own independent learning and explore other sites, and youtube videos that can help you excel in your journey of learning on how to invest using FOREX.

So to help this interest I am trying my best to make information understable, simple and accurate in my website, I will provide links of news outlets in my blog section in my website that can provide more insight on economical factors that have inspired me to learn this form of investment.

A lot more really, but to see how all my work from those weeks have played out just visit my site;

Website is still under construction but fear not, empty gaps will be filled very, very soon ;D  Farewell for now, I’ll see you in the next post and I hope you can view my site. Take care all!





What Is Copyright? Option 1

Copyright, a form of protection to a creation of your own, it being visual, auditory or even an object.

Should everyone copyright their work? I don’t think so, your work can inspire others creative perspectives and they might want to change the given form of your work just to create another perspective of it. Music wise I would probably, I am bit in the middle of copyrighting music, I feel that either way if you copyright others will still use it because once something is the internet, it’s given to all to share, re-share and change up a bit to change perspective or to add a new rhythm per se.

Something Lawrence said,

“I’m instead just going to remind you of the point the BMI teaches us. That artist choice is the key for new technology having an opportunity for open business, and we need to build artist choice here if these new technologies are to have that opportunity”

This was stated by Lawrence but worded in a way to avoid getting in trouble with the Ted Talks policy of selling, but this is what I understood from this; We the artist when we create something have the opportunity to allow others to grow from our growth and expand our creation to newer creations with different perspectives and ideas. That is why this quote captured my attention, it’s all a choice whether to share or not to share.

Before closing I want to describe fair use. Fair use simply means that there are ways to use copyrighted material for different purposes. Such as in youtube you see a lot of youtuber criticizing others videos on youtube, this is a form of fair use, criticizing. Interesting right?

Vaporwave W13

Vaporwave, this brings me back a bit to about a decade ago. I am no artist, but I what I see above is art lol. The moving gif above is a prime example of vaporwave digital art, but can you hear the music? Use some imagination, what do you think you’ll be hearing if you were flying around this view? Not sure about you but Im getting new retro wave vibes, endless summer comes to mind.

I love it. I cannot hate vaporwave because it is simply a vibe scenery and if you add the right new retro wave music your golden. Digging deeper on the images though, vaporwave is a form of seeing the future both visually and in music style even if it is considered an old school genre. Like I asked above, can you not hear the music just with the vaporwave image? If you cannot let me help you out, these are 2 of my favorite new wave retro music playlist, check them out and watch the vaporwave images again. This is art, futurist art.


WK 12 Part 2, Blogs

I decided to explore some of my peers websites;

First up:

By, Shanae Harte

I must say that when I entered the site I was fascinated with the beautiful background placed, as I was scrolling down the site the backgrounds were changing to different ones and it was great. All sections under a heading were placed with great info such as the about section, I enjoy that you placed your purpose of the site within this section, I am glad to know that you want to spread awareness on different not so often spoken topics! Also the design and format of the website was easy to go scroll around making it good to read and move to different section with ease. Well done!


Second Site:

By, Cindy Abreu

I enjoyed the festive design on entering the site, following the design I was shown the posts. The latest posted consisted of a plan/challenge, one in which you save money and wow I was surprised of how ideal it works, I also ended up watching the provided video which was of Candy Dream, the video explained the plan of saving every 5 dollars and others that you might have but not need at that time can provide a big help on the future financially speaking. Very needed video and post to see so thank you cindy! Moving forward the website was easy to navigate, I enjoyed the little santa picture on the about section and glad to know that there is a contact page. Overall excellent and progress! Keep it going!

Mid-Semester Assessment :D

This fall semester has been difficult, the levels of stress and anxiety have grown over the past few months, and include the current pandemic which caused the in home learning it doesn’t help, BUT, what does help is when professors such as ours know the strain of due dates and the anxiety that comes with them, and understands us and helps us and allows us to speak our minds and express ourselves not only with words, but with visuals.

CT101 is the best example of how an online class setting should be, the work given to us is NOT boring, it’s actually very creative and FUN! It allows to explore and express our imagination with different assignments such as the beginning which was about learning to use gifs.  I enjoy the search of gifs, I learned to use gifs in mostly all my conversations with people now, helps maintain a level of attention in a way because the humor many gifs have.

Moving to websites 😀 >

I am now learning more on how to make a website, of how the design affects greatly the attention of the one observing the website. Of how to scratch a template and transform it to whatever I desire. These are skills that I did not have so strongly before entering this class, but I do believe that they have strengthen and will continue to strengthen as I continue designing my website. Which link is right here if you wanna peek what I got so far:

Remember, it is still a work in progress! I want to add as much information as I can that is accurate and simple to understand, my goal continues to be to simply share information about FX.

My strengths? Well I believe they are expressing my thoughts with creativity, creating a website (like said this is something that I’ve grown stronger with :)), and gifs. The assignments help me express myself as a speaker with more creativity and more visuals. Just check out an earlier post of my fun I found fun to do>

DS106 Week 6 Assign. Part 2

Grade wise, well I’m aiming for an A, so far though since I haven’t given everything in so I’m probably at a B or less but fear not! That A is mine! Lol.

It felt good writing this reflection for the class, just love that we are allowed to speak our thoughts you know, thank you Ryan.

On that note, farewell! See you in the next post ;D

Domain Name Registration Exp. W8

Registering my domain was an actual breeze, I was somewhat afraid that my domain was not gonna be available but either way I was prepared for such scenario, thankfully though I did not have to go to my backup domain names because my first domain name I typed was indeed available. The process was simple, and watching the zoom meeting again was very helpful!

You gotta love it when things go well from the start!

From there I moved to the next page which I inserted promo code and added the rest of information needed to proceed and moved forth to wordpress which was easy to install!

The installation was successful and easy and thankfully with the provided zoom recording I was able to explore the following steps of where to go and what to do. I also made sure that I did the email confirmation because I usually forget as we lol.

My next step is to build my website, I have made some templates in another site I use to make things easier for me to build my website at a comfortable speed. As is, I am very glad the process of this whole things was simple and smooth, it didn’t make me stress with issues and I’m happy to finally be starting this site.

The Story Of Aaron Swartz – Week 7 P2

Knowledge is power, knowledge is meant to be shared, explored and used by all who want to, but unfortunately in this film we learn that knowledge is kept under the rugs by the government, it’s kept caged and not used to its potential. This is a cage that Aaron wanted to break, and it breaking meant changing how information is given all round the world which its impact is to everyone.

This Film was worth the watch, it is very deep but very needed to be heard and seen. For contex if you want review minute 23 to 24:15, in this minute and seconds we learn that Aaron decided to instead of giving in to cage, he would break trend and start over to avoid the cage and grow bigger than it.

Aaron rejected the business world, he didn’t want to work in the given conditions even if in our eyes seemed like okay conditions, Aaron was limited to what he could and how he can express himself and at cause of all this he was fired multiple times but Aaron did not care, Aaron did not want to be controlled or told how to live.

I believe it’s that part, the part in which he refused to follow the trend, refused to let the corporations limit how he thinks, limits what he can do in this computer, limit his curiosity to keep on learning. He left everything and everyone who brought him up to where he was to create his own way, to keep expressing and learning freely. I believe we ourselves sometimes want to learn more and more and give more and more to people, in regards to knowledge which is information, but were sometimes met with walls that are placed by those who control, these walls restrict us to keep giving and instead teaches us it’s best to keep quiet and do what they say, this in terms being the government. The government was that wall that Aaron tried to face, was he successful? That’s up to you really, but I believe Aaron was in the process of evolutionizing  what freedom stands for. To give it up all and to restart for a new change, that’s amazing and brave.


Domain Name Idea :) W7-P1

Have you heard about Forex? Probably have, this year out of all many people have been interest in investing so I believe you the reader has read something regarding Forex or and the Stock Market but my interest is mainly in Forex.

Since my interest and actual study has been in Forex (the Foreign Exchange Market) I would like to make my website about it, not to sell anything like many people do, but just to have information, information that might interest you and make you do your own study in it for your future.

So since I want my website to be informative regarding Forex, I need a good name for it. So I came up with this one:  FXLearnersWay

FX: Forex (Foreign Exchange Market)

Learners Way: Simply that lol, just someone like you who might want to try to learn something new in which I want to provide a way.

Or if not that one then FXStartersPoint

I’m actually pumped about this project, I’ve made websites before but for others, never for myself, so I’m quite curious where my imagination will take my creation to. But I’m mainly excited to help others learn new things and maybe provide a starting point of study in a new thing. I am nervous though on my projection of the information, I want to be accurate and simple when I provide information, but for Forex it can be a bit tricky with some terms. Either way, I’m happy that this opportunity is being given to us!

Some websites that are my favourite:

NY Times is favourite website to get an outlook of all types of news, from local to state to economy.

This website is one of my favourites to step back in to the past and keep the basics in the subject of the Foreign Exchange Market.

For the Youtube Link it’s just youtube, you can learn a lot from others by simply typing the subject or and anything really, there’s a lot of great people who share their knowledge in creative ways.

DS106 Week 6 Assign. Part 2

Here’s the link>

Who Said What

Hello there :). I stumbled upon this assignment in the DS106 Assignment Bank, I was hooked when it involved using our creativity in combining secret agents in the form of speech and visual. So for starters this meant brainstorming who to use for what, my choices are as follows:

Daniel Craig Reminisces About Casino Royale's First Screening And Thinking The Fans Hated His James Bond - CINEMABLEND

I decided to use the image of Daniel Craig, the english actor who plays the role of James Bond is some films.

Why I chose him? Look at him, this picture is gold to use! I realized I need to find a quote of a deep thought to go with his expression in the photo.

So brainstorming I ended up using a quote from a Bourne film!!!

Jason Bourne had said a lot within his films but I decided to use the following quote:

“They lived with the intensity of two people aware that change would come. And when it came, it would come quickly; so there were things to talk about which could not be avoided any longer.”- Robert Ludlum, The Bourne Identity

So now only 1 more agent to brainstorm to use as the person who “supposedly” said the quote.



Now with all the pieces I just had to combine them all and I did so using powerpoint 😀

This is the end result> Hope you ENJOY AND UNDERSTAND 

Week 6 Part 1 2 Choices:

Hi there 😀

For the first part of this assignment I will share what 2 assignments from DS106 grabbed my attention. SO LETS BEGIN:

Here’s the link>

So this Visual Assignment grabbed my attention because it offered a mass of creative ideas to use. To combine different agents from movies into 1 image was gold, because it is to combine them by using 1 of the 3’s photo, 1 quote from one of them, and then referencing the quote to another actor/agent that didnt say it but would fit their character.

The endless combinations one can make is what makes it fun. Some skills one must know here are editing and taking a screenshot of your screen. Also, use the power of your creativity here!

The 2nd one was the following:

Here’s the link>

This Audio Assignment was actually the first one in the page for its section, I scrolled around to check the others but this seemed like the most interesting one to do, since you gotta be creative of the object you choose as well as creative on how you will present the commercial.

For this project all you will need is your phone or any recording device to record you choice. A notepad in my opinion to memorize or just read what you are gonna say. The object I have in mind if end up choosing this project is a walkman, one of the first devices used to jamming.

Like mentioned before some of the skills you’ll need here are editing skills and the rest is on your creativity, doesn’t sound like much but they are important to have. Being able edit things is most needed to many situations, fun ones and unexpected ones such as this fun one for the assignments. More assignments like so are needed, it pushes one to use their creativity and the more you use it the better. So, I wonder what i’ll choose in the end, wonder what you chose as well reader. Bye bye 🙂

WK4 Q-S Meme=Art?

Are Memes Art???

A small google search and you learn that memes are images that portray a humorous image, video or picture that spreads through social media users like a quick falling domino effect. Now what’s the definition of art you may have asked yourself, and the answer to your question bubble is the following: Art is the image in your mind that you are able to express into forms of visual or sounds, these images in your mind are unique compared to other ones, you know which ones.

Now with the definitions above which can be different for others, is meme art?

Yes, they are art. The knowledge has been given. Boom!

Memes in fact are a form of art because it is an expression of whatever you are trying to express. Hmm… Maybe that didn’t make sense, well let me guide you.

This is me expressing my eagerness of telling you what to do in a form of a gif. Sorry for yelling! I just wanted your attention. Since art is a form of expression, gifs count as a form expression and not only that, this means that gifs can be an expression of you feel.

Our emotions are as followed, we can sometimes feel happy, sad, mad, etc. Some of these emotions build an image in your mind, in your thoughts, that if given opportunity of expression you will express it. I found it somewhat helpful expressing it through gifs lol, just the ones that aren’t to deep you know. This is how I’m feeling right now>

Now, what about you? How you feeling in the form of a gif?

Assignment #2 GIF Post

To have a course in which you don’t have a due date is a relief honestly. For me due dates bring upon stress and anxiety and the closer the day zooms in the less encouraged I feel to do the work, weird huh? Don’t worry though, I still give the assignments in time lol. In addition my other classes have due dates on a weekly or 2-3 day basis and that does not help me at all. It is not only annoying but extremely tiring doing all those assignments pressured by the due dates that are just 2-3 days apart every time but CT is not like the rest, CT is the goat, CT the MVP.

The bear feels the vibes with CT, it’s excited to know that this class will reach our creativity and will allow us to express ourselves in different creative fun ways. More classes should be like so, to give us work that allows to show our creativity in different ways, not just forced applicable words.

Thank you all for reading this post! And I hope you all are enjoying the way this course is rolling!

Assignment #1 Internet Joy

A tad late to the party but here to answer the question; What in the internet makes me happy. Well for starters like anyone we see happiness all in different kind of ways, someone’s laughter can be someone’s frown and vise versa. But I don’t think my happiness is something many frown upon, mainly when it comes to the internet… So lets begin to learn my favorite things in the good old internet.

For starters I Love Google, it makes ya smile!

Google is my friend, is it yours?

If I don’t know it, I’ll google it. If I cant spell a word correctly, I’ll google it and the auto correct word options will save my life once more. I’ve been using Google as my search engine for years, Bing what? Yahoo what?

And using Google I can easily find the best anime sites a person needs, that’s how I found Crunchyroll,, Funimation and many other sites to access my favorite anime, and with this we enter to the joy given by the internet which is Anime!

The Seven Deadly Sins
Hunter X Hunter
One Piece

If it’s one thing that keeps me entertained and happy in the internet is the gift of allowing us to access anime. If you love seeing crazy fights, seeing great story lines and much more check out some of the titles above! I started watching anime since I was 12, I am now 20 lol. The titles just get better and better as the years come and without the internet this joy will not be possible. My all time favs are those above shown by the gifs, to end it, a final gif that shows another all time fav!

One Punch Man