Domain name!

It’s time to pick a Domain name and as much as I’m excited about this, I’m equally anxious. I’m too indecisive when it comes to making decisions such as this.

What if I later hate the domain name I choose now?

What if I can’t create a domain name that I truly like?


Lets first talk about content. What would my website comprise of?

Well I’ve always wanted my very own website to showcase my creations and maybe someday sell them on thus website.

What creations you may ask?

I love to create on many artistic platforms; drawing, painting, crafts, photography. Currently I’m taking the Graphic design course and I’m in love.

Here is one of my favorite paintings that would mostly likely be shown on my website.

I would like my domain name to be my name so along the lines of;



However if that’s not possible then something such as;




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