DS106 Assignment: Part2

For my second choice of the DS106 Assignment, I choose another Visual assignment.

This Combophoto assignment looked like it would be a bit amusing to complete and it was just that.

After brainstorming a few ideas I set out to acquire the two photos I would use to combine into one.

For my first choice; a bouquet of flowers.

And for my second choice; an ice-cream cone

After acquiring my two photos, I headed over to Photopea to edit and combine my photos.

I had to do a bit of cropping and resizing .Voila! 

Assignment complete!

It’s a bouquet of roses!…… It’s ice-cream!…… NO,It’s a bouquet of roses in an ice-cream cone!




1 thought on “DS106 Assignment: Part2”

  1. Great Fun! Im impressed with the photopea tool! So great that its all with in the web browser!
    This is great image and makes me want to make something like it!

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