DS 106 Assignment – Part 2

Hello everyone,

For this assignment, I will attempt a “Visual Assignment” from the DS 106 website. For this project, I chose “Bucket List,” which is something similar to my last project.

Bucket List

I used PicMonkey to combine all the images and make a collage, but for some reason, I couldn’t save it. So I went back to the Spark. Adobe.

This collage contains 4 wishes from my bucket list. The first image shows travel I want to travel the world like most of us. However, I do have the top 5 places I want to visit which include Turkey, Greece, Dubai, Maldives, and  Kashmir. The second image describes that I want a kitten or cat but my mom is not ready yet to have a cat at home. The third image is pretty clear that I want a ride in a hot air balloon. The fourth image shows that I want to learn to drive and I am working on it.


1 thought on “DS 106 Assignment – Part 2”

  1. Excellent! Great work on this, I hope that you get your kitty soon! :))
    What did you notice about the contrasts between the two applications you worked with? Adobe Spark is better? Im curious :))
    Thank you!

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