ds 106 Assingment

The first ssingment I did in the Ds 106 Website is called “Apocalypse-terms of service” this assingment seemed pretty fun because I honestly never read terms of service, I feel like im not the only one who just ignores the terms of service, they might be interesting or not but is not like a lot of people find out about those.

so what I came up with was:

Terms of service


1-Anything is legal if you are to save yourself.                                                               2-If you see something you need you take it, no matter where is it or who has it.                                                                                                                                             3- All your bellongings must be protected by you, only you are responsible if your stuff gets stolen or destroyed.                                                                                  4-You can not steal from the person writing this terms and conditions.       5-you can not kill or hurt the person writing the terms and conditions either.                                                                                                                                          and most importantly:                                                                                                              -You choose me as supreme ruler of every living thing(not in an evil way, lol) and no you do not have a choice.

Have fun during the apocalypse!

So this was basically all I came up with, I got out of ideas in the middle of the assingment since I dont read Terms and conditions on anything so it got a little weird at the end but since no one reads terms and conditions I just feel like is ok to put that there.


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